Dec 21

Researchers found that evolution is the answer to why women play games and treat men cruelly in and out of relations. According to a new study (reported in the European Journal of Personality) women play hard to get in order to test a man’s commitment. The “game” is meant to see how much a man will put up with so as to convince the woman that he will stay around after pregnancy. The study, which utilized over 58 strategies that women typically use on their men, asked 1,500 men and women which strategies worked best. The results from this study reported that women are more successfully when they: Appear highly self-confident Talking other people Withhold sex Talk with sarcasm Always sound busy Tease Flirt with other men Turn down the first few dates Editor’s Note: I don’t know about this study as any of the above… [Read more]

Dec 10
salty woman at a bar

But it’s not your fault ladies. See many women haven’t been told this but to get the man that you are attracted to, you simply need to convince him that he’s attracted to you. Not an exact science I know because attraction is subjective but if you try to get a guy’s attention by acting like a guy (cat calling, spitting game, flashing money) then chances are you will waste your time. Men’s taste change all the time, a breast man can turn into an ass man if he looks at enough rap videos. Any guy who acts as if his taste is unwavering is ignorant to the fact that looks are just a small factor in the law of attraction. A woman can pull a guy’s attention easily; she just needs to know how to do it. The following list is very important. This… [Read more]

Dec 05

Friends are the select group of people that you choose to have in your life. Often time your friends are the ones you call with a crisis… even before family. Not to be confused with associates, which are those people you hang out with in good times but in bad are missing in action. Friends are few and far between and when you find real ones you’ll know. So what I can’t understand is why people put their friends (and sometimes family) on the back burner until they are in need. Your girl breaks up with her man and now she’s creating a puddle on your sleeve. Meanwhile this is the same girl that you haven’t seen in months. This happens way too often among women. They get in relationships and that is all that matters… That is until something is wrong in the relationship. But I… [Read more]

Dec 03
man and woman talking

Sometimes we men make women out to be a lot more complicated than they truly are. When men get confused with the way that a woman reacts to compliments sometimes it is due to him misfiring the compliment based on timing, using canned compliments, and plain old bad strategy. When it comes to complimenting women the easiest way to get positive feedback is to make sure that the setting is right; pay attention to what she’s wearing, and let her guide you unconsciously to say the right thing. What Should You Compliment Her On? Women tend to be self-conscious about their appearance so the 1st clue is to look at the type of outfit that she’s wearing. Sure all women aren’t the same and you get a few who truly could give a rat’s ass how they are perceived but if you are going to… [Read more]

Nov 27
walter and skyler white

I watch a lot of shows and while many of them have such dynamic and different stories, the recurring theme seems to be that of the annoying female supporting character. Typically a wife (Skyler White) or a sister (Janice Soprano), these women playing support roles are hardly ever… supportive. I am finally on the 5th season of Breaking Bad and Walter White’s wife and her sister (the only 2 women on the show) seem to only exist to piss me off. A while back HBO’s Newsroom did 2 amazing things in making every intelligent woman on the show appear to be a bumbling idiot and in making me a fan of Olivia Munn. The fact that aside from Munn (who some will argue was hateable) every woman on the show was unbearable. The trend is broken by a few popular shows like The Walking Dead… [Read more]

Nov 16
happy couple

The following list is a culmination of odd little trifles that women as a whole tend to love when their men do them. This does not mean that any and all of this list will work on your current woman,  but I guarantee you that at least 3 of them will make you a better boyfriend/husband for doing it in her mind. Don’t try to make too much sense of this list, women always say that it’s the little things that count… and then we get confused. Well gentlemen, here they are… those little things that she talks about. Touching the hair – Most women love it, some women hate it – you have to gauge which one you’re working with. To be brutally honest this one seems to be very popular with non-black women (not all) so guys, take caution with trying this. Neck… [Read more]

Nov 14
bad date

Welcome in my knee-jerk, ready to war, expecting to hear the same old bull readers. The title you just read is a variation of an article I just read:  How My Life Regained Harmony After I stopped Dating American Women where the author, Maverick explains why his experience with the dating games, demands, and power jousting by American women led him to try his hand overseas and it opened him up to a bevy of beautiful, easy-going women. Maverick speaks on the same dating game that we discuss here on The Hall, but instead of looking for strategy in how to talk to unnecessarily challenging women, he switched the game and went overseas – where according to his account the need for game is pretty much nonexistent. Sounds absolutely wonderful right? Here are a few of the highlights: My last encounter with an American woman was such a soul-crushing and thought-provoking event… [Read more]

Oct 31
betty draper

Many of us get called things that we dislike and hate but usually there is a reason behind the name-calling that extends beyond childish attacks and bullying. Lately I’ve seen a few articles by women who are upset at being labeled “bitter” by their male and female counterparts. It rings hollow to me when I know of instances where the author has thrown around words like misogyny to label men—who did not deserve it—and other names towards people who didn’t agree with her. Some people ARE bitter but don’t want to deal with the label when people write them off with it. Let us observe the word as it is defined by bit·ter adjective, bit·ter·er, bit·ter·est, noun, verb, adverb having a harsh, disagreeably acrid taste, like that of aspirin, quinine, wormwood, or aloes. producing one of the four basic taste sensations; not sour, sweet,… [Read more]