Oct 22
halle berry

Lady Dragon Halle Berry is a very likable, pretty, and pragmatic woman when interviewed. In magazine spreads and in front of the rolling cameras she is goddess-level bad! But recently when I see her name on places all over the internet it is likely to be accompanied by the word crazy. Halle’s life has been an open book to the world for a long time. She has somehow become the face of the beautiful but crazy stereotype due to her failed relationships and that one incident where she hit someone with her car and kept driving (tsk-tsk-tsk). Halle is a realistic woman when asked about all of this in interviews and she knows very well how she’s perceived and sees her man issues as a lack of good judgment on her part when it comes to mates. Halle on her bad choices in men: “My… [Read more]

Oct 18
woman taping mans mouth

I know the title is rude but I got your attention didn’t I? One of the many unspoken issues in relationships is the issue of weight and change once the honeymoon period is over and a man and woman are finally being themselves. I was raised in a household of immense honesty, so when I was looking bad you better believe I heard about it. My family doesn’t hold anything back that way and we have always chosen fitness first due to my mother’s Diet Nazi routine as kids. This being said, growing into a man and dealing with women and their weight issues, I have had to learn to bite my tongue instead of being the way I am with my family. In a relationship, when it comes to a chick going from 105lbs to 145lbs as soon as she got comfortable –  a… [Read more]

Oct 17
Ice and Coco T

Awhile back I did an article on men getting penile implants for the sake of feeling “manly” around other men rather than for sexual prowess as they would like us to believe. As with many other insecurities that are 100% on a personal level there is always a tendency to place blame on the opposite sex whenever we are the ones who truly dislike ourselves. On a personal level I have dated 2 very different women, one was top heavy (big breasts) with gams that were envied by most onlooking women–but her butt was small, and another had a donk (plump booty) but her breasts were at most a B-cup. Would you believe that both of these women would complain on a constant basis for lack of having a big ass or breasts? In my man’s mind I wondered at their complaints because to me… [Read more]

Oct 12
I absolutely HATE when people ask me "Why don’t you want any kids?"

I recently spoke with a good friend that I have been out of contact with for some time. In the first few conversations I was asked the question that irks me beyond words. “Why don’t you want any kids?” I absolutely HATE when people ask me this question because it implies that I should have kids. And Why? Why is it that only women get asked these dumb ass questions? I don’t hear of people asking men about children. Is that what women my age are supposed do? Is it because traditionally women should be the ones crazy about children? Because all humans (specifically women) need to reproduce? Well screw all that!!! I live for me and beyond other people’s expectations. Why couldn’t she have asked me about school or work? Or how about my life goals or hell ask me about my health. But… [Read more]

Oct 08
salma hayek breasts

Women may find this funny, interesting, pathetic, or just plain crazy but many men, myself included, have found ourselves at a loss in determining whether a woman’s breasts are real or not. Whether this is important is another conversation but the fact that we get confused when it should be apparent strikes me as a problem. I am not talking about the lovely A and B cup ladies of the world (even though an enhanced B is just as well hidden as a larger size) but in today’s American society, I believe that many men think that breasts are supposed to sit on a woman’s chest the way they do with a push-up bra, or with an enhancement. This realization dawned on me after reading a post on actress Tracee Ellis Ross’s new site and thinking back on friends who have complained about a woman’s… [Read more]

Oct 02
sporty chick

This was the feedback I received from a number of black women when I wrote a guest post about the positives in dating a tomboy. The women who responded seemed to come from 3 separate camps – those who genuinely liked the article, former tomboys who appreciated the article, and religious bigots who wanted to spin it into a “gays are running our Christian earth” type of thing. Here’s a quote from one of the responses that took my sexuality to task: Jo: “sooo, are you saying you’re bi or something? I’m sorry, but if you like a girl who acts like a man, hates other girls (or pretends that other girls except herself are “catty” is a HUGE sign of ugly insecurity and hypocrisy), likes beer and football and farting, well, guess what? You dont like a girl, you like a guy.” Thank goodness… [Read more]

Sep 27
golfer woman

Gentlemen, spelunkers, travelers and Indiana Jones types – we all know that one of the bonuses to traveling is in seeing the different cultures that vary from state to state – Northerners do this, and Southerners do that. But let’s be honest, it’s the women that we’re looking at (most of us), am I right? So what if there was some sort of guide to get you prepped and ready for the hunt eh? What if there was some sort of field guide that you – young Indiana Jones can use to not only identify the hawtes, but know their weaknesses and strengths in order to make it easier? Well there is… Field Guide to Chicks of the United States, is the definitive guide and visual resource for bird watching like a pro. Author Joe Bovino takes us on a journey across America, breaking down… [Read more]

Sep 24
arguing couple

If you’ve ever tried having a civil discussion with a “strong” woman of today you will know all too well what happens when you suggest that women of a former age were a lot more feminine, lovable and supportive. We as men lose the chance to speak when we utter certain words – namely: feminine, submission, and gold digger. Any of these words will turn the conversation into an argument and you will have gone from a “man” into a “misogynist” in her mind. As a Modern Gentleman it is no longer our prerogative to tell a woman what to do and what to say. Using the word submit, obey, or “cater” will bring forth the wrath of every self-proclaimed feminist to tar and feather you into the netherworld of shame. Today’s woman will not be treated like a Betty Draper or a Margaret Schroeder…. [Read more]