Jul 09
woman in white

I am lucky to know many beautiful women in my life and I will say that when you are blessed with looks you are forced to command the type of treatment the world will give you because by default it will be negative. Hate is the way of society, it just is; if you have money you are called greedy by those who don’t and if you are famous you are labeled abnormal or a weirdo through rumor and gossip. This crabs in a bucket mentality of people forces them to tear someone down who is better in any degree in order to normalize them. For this – a beautiful woman is automatically viewed a s a bitch, a whore, a man-stealer, stuck-up, dumb, lazy… I can keep going. I have sat in conversations where someone was unnecessarily labeled like this by someone who was… [Read more]

Jul 04

Well, you had a good run… You and your girlfriend hit it off at first, but now things have fizzled and you realize she’s just not right for you. Although there’s no way to guarantee that she won’t be upset, letting her down gently is the best way to go. Here are 5 ways to tell a girl you want to break up with her without incurring her wrath. 1. Ditch the “we need to talk” line For the love of all things, do NOT send the hopelessly vague yet alarmingly familiar “we need to talk” text. If you have to text her and can’t call, text something like “are you free tonight?” or “can I stop by?” if you plan on talking to her about this in person (which I would recommend over a passive break up email any day). Keep your request to… [Read more]

Jun 21
sad black woman

I was talking to my best friend the other day, and we came upon the subject of love and whether or not true, all-consuming-can’t-live-without-each-other, love really exists. We unanimously decided that the answer is no. As women, we are sold the fairy tale of a one true love. A man who will travel the world to get you back after he screws up. A man who will break up a wedding in order to have the woman he really truly can’t be without. He will profess his love for her to the public and make an ass of himself just to prove to her he’s willing to do anything to have her. This fantasy of so-called “true” love is the death of happiness for women, as it is unreachable and does not exist. Real relationships are based on love (not being in love), trust, understanding… [Read more]

Jun 12
man wrestles with woman

Why is it so hard to reason with a woman using common sense? Why doesn’t the girl you have a crush on see how perfect you’d be together? Why hasn’t the cutie who was all over you earlier called back? If you’ve ever asked yourself questions like these, you’re not alone. Most guys find women to be fickle; unreliable; irrational. They struggle to connect with the opposite sex.   Guys who do understand women and their emotions are rare. They find it easy to deal with moms; sisters; girlfriends. And if that wasn’t enough to get you jealous, they get a lot of female attention. If you’re interested in becoming one of those guys, read on. How A Woman Thinks The idea that girls think differently is weird, crass and offensive to many people. We live in a politically correct society where men and women… [Read more]

Jun 11
beautiful black woman

Many women who aren’t built like Angelina Jolie (beautiful face, rail thin body) seem to look towards these catchy ideologies to love themselves due to this perception that they aren’t sexy. Much of this is true if you were to listen to the media and the more vocal male populace (I exclude myself, I like many body-types). Instead of just embracing your body – which every woman should do if there is no will, want or ability to change – is to look towards men who love their current body-type! One joke that has been around for a while between black and white men is that when a skinny white woman gains weight she immediately starts looking to date black guys. Not my joke; kind of crass, but allow me to put a positive spin on it: If a certain type of man likes thicker… [Read more]

May 30
happy couple in love

Many women get involved romantically with men and expect them to take on the role of the boyfriend and husband that they have concocted in their mind. This shadow avatar of a boyfriend (let’s call him Ben) is a Frankenstein creature, built from soap operas, Romance Comedies, her father, brothers, and boyfriends of the past. He is attentive when she’s in the mood for him, he politely nudges her for sex often, and his entire life is changed for her; his every waking moment being a struggle to get as much time with her as possible. Ben had a high position in his company and his aspirations for wealth led him to being an efficient, smart, working machine. Long hours yield long money and it allowed him to take her out on dates to the fanciest of restaurants in the most exclusive locations. But when… [Read more]

Apr 26
Beautiful latina smiling

Editor’s Note: One of our most popular themes on The Hall has always been about the curse of beauty and the bonuses and penalties that come along with it. Many of us have a hard time seeing how being born beautiful can have any negative aspects but many of us agree that it does. To help illustrate the good and the bad of being born beautiful, our own Nadia Arain breaks it down in the following list: Being an attractive woman (PROS): Everyone looks at you! Everyone. Your self-esteem is usually through the roof because you KNOW you’re the center of attention. People marvel at your aesthetics! You get free stuff. Free meals, drinks, rides, AND you get served faster. Since when have you heard that gorgeous people pay for things? Compliments, and lots of them. Having a bad day? Whatever, someone’s bound to compliment you and… [Read more]

Apr 24
Man thinking of a woman

On The Surface: Physical Attraction – Let’s get this one out of the way right now as it’s what everyone knows and expects to be here. It is true, the first thing a man sees beautiful in a woman is her perfect, irresistible face and body. Every man has his own version of what traits makes for a woman to be irresistible but a lot of these traits crossover to enable a few women in society to be instantly recognized as beautiful to everyone looking at her. Humility – Confidence is fine, but many men get turned off by women who constantly remind the world that they are beautiful. The thinking is that a true beauty is still not that comfortable with it to wear it as a crown, men like the chance at reminding her that she is a drop-dead gorgeous woman. This is… [Read more]