Apr 05
Author Samantha Brick

A few days ago Samantha Brick of The Daily Mail wrote an article about how her beauty had made her an enemy of many women and helped her get ahead in her career with the men. While the contents of her article were no surprise to me, having observed the curse of beauty in women, it immediately went viral beyond anything that she was ready for. Do you want to know why? Samantha Brick happens to be a blonde, white woman with confidence in her looks, at least that’s what she came off as in the article and as we all know, the average woman HATES that and I will tell you why. When I penned The Curse of Being a Beautiful Woman, I had no idea that it would be a popular article on this site. I thought that a few people would read… [Read more]

Apr 02
Mixed couple in bed fighting

There have been quite a few guys that have gotten in trouble for masturbating in the absence of their girlfriends or wives. Why did they get in trouble? Well it is normally a mix of mistrust, misunderstanding and naivete by the woman. See a man may look at masturbation as a means to an end, he has the urge and he wants to alleviate it as soon as possible. Some women counter that they should be enough to satisfy a man’s desires, but men require action at a much more aggressive rate than a woman does and a woman who has a problem with her man masturbating is probably not a sexual nymph that is willing to go at any given moment. Hence the problem. It is for this reason that I advise men to get with women who match their tastes in sex and… [Read more]

Feb 28

  So the Academy Awards Ship set sail, went by and was talked about for all of 10 minutes by myself and my fellows. One thing that stuck out to me in conversation with one of my buds was that sexy had an age limit with certain men. Observe this conversation: Greg: Cameron Diaz is so damn goofy at times but did you check out J-Lo’s cleavage dress? Friend: (hisses his teeth) Ya I saw her… what is she like 40 now? Greg: Around that age, but she’s still got it going on… Friend: Sure, but you know… it’s like, we’ve seen it a million times. Greg: Who her? Friend: Ya, I was looking at(insert young actress), now she was cute to me (trails off into describing other actress). That conversation is par for the course for guys; chances are you yourself have had them. It makes… [Read more]

Feb 06

A woman relates to men VERY differently when her father passes away. I never really got to spend time with my father before he passed away. It changed my entire perspective of what relationships are like, meant to be like, and what they are supposed to be about. Your dad (for a woman) is a sounding board. When any asshole messes up your life, you go to him. I don’t have that luxury. I don’t know what it feels like to have a dad and even to be loved by one. That’s not to say that my dad doesn’t love me, of course he does – and i love him back; but to really experience and feel that love… I don’t know what it feels like. I don’t know what it feels like to have a man in the house because I don’t even have… [Read more]

Dec 26

Many of you will read the title of this article and be immediately put off by the word “bitch” which is one of those hot button words that gets people fired up; so I must warn you that I will be using the word continuously throughout this article so if you’re offended by it I would encourage you to read any of our other wonderful articles that do not contain the word and spare yourself the trauma. I wrote this to point out to men that there is a difference between someone who hates them and someone who is just aggressive and tough by nature. I believe that a lot of men are missing out on wonderful women due to the fact that they misjudge the strong for being something that they’re not. When it comes to hating men, the term is misandry but we… [Read more]

Dec 21

Editor’s Note: Don’t be a reactionary troll from my title, read the article. According to a lot of men, the idea of a suitcase carrying woman in a pantsuit does not vibe well with the happy housewife image that is the conservative ideal. This accounts to many of the issues women with strong careers have with finding a peer (in business) to date and marry. Men aren’t necessarily looking for a “lesser” woman to marry but they are looking for a woman who fits into the mold of what is shown as the ideal. Donald Draper looks for Betty Draper not a Peggy Olson aka the career driven go-hard that’s pretty but focused on the prize. Sure this doesn’t account for every male who shies away from single professional women but it describes a healthy chunk of us that run for the hills when we… [Read more]

Dec 20

One of the major disconnects that men and tomboys have is the fact that a rough-and-tumble girl usually has a large collection of guy friends. It would be silly to assume that a woman who partakes in things that are almost exclusively boys club would bond mostly with women when men are what she’s going to be most comfortable around due to her day-to-day. Many people assume things from a distance and although the friendship may be innocent to her, for the guys in her circle 99.9% of them are trying in their own way to have sex with her. As men we carry a lot of stigmas towards these women, not to say that women don’t have their fair share. In the last post I did on tomboys we had women commenting that they are all lesbians and a bunch of other noise so… [Read more]

Dec 15

So there are a few weeks left in the NFL Season and you find yourself in front of the couch every Sunday to watch the big game.  To your woman it will seem as if you forgot about her as you disappear for 8+ hours on Sundays (sometimes without even leaving your home).  This isn’t a problem if you are the lucky guy that found a woman who loves football or one that takes the time to have her own fun.  But for many guys this is hardly the case so I have come up with a few tips to keep you in good graces with your woman while getting in your football fix. Introduce her to the game and some of its players:  By doing this you are inviting her to share something that you enjoy (for once), and she will probably start to… [Read more]