Sep 21

super business woman

Editor’s Note about Chicks We Dig: There are tons of angry women (and men) out there, confused with life because they hate men, claim they don’t need us, yet are attracted to us all the same so they feel forced to lash out in numerous creative, sexist ways. Here at Hall of The Black Dragon we don’t subscribe to men who hate women and women who hate men. To this end we would like to highlight women who  are able to do that feminist thing without delving down the lazy path of hating our entire gender, so we’ve created a new section called Chicks We Dig because hate is lazy and unproductive and we believe that those who do things right should have all the exposure in the world.

GirlWritesWhat is my new hero.  She sits at her kitchen table and spits the truth about feminism, society, and men’s rights issues and how they all intersect like a boss.  She does it calmly and, most importantly, logically.

I thrive on picking apart the arguments of others. I get called a troll for it on a regular basis, and I like to think I’m pretty good at it.  GirlWritesWhat, though, doesn’t leave me any room to tear her arguments down.  It might take her a while to get there (some of her vlog entries are more than 30 minutes long), but she does eventually address everything I can come up with.

If you’re a hard-core feminist, then don’t bother, you will rage.  If you’re a thinking person, give it a shot.  Even if you don’t agree 100%, what she has to say will give you something to think about.

Checkout her blog “Owning Your Shit – one woman’s quest for gender equality” and give her some love in the commentary.

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  • Not sure if the red is supposed to be blood, but I think she says somewhere she doesn’t paint her nails.

    It’s the accent that gets me. A Canadian accent in a female just makes me want to roll over and have the fur on my tummy ruffled.

    I still can’t quite get into the idea of “men’s rights” – what’s the point of being a man if you have “rights”? – but she’s an invaluable guide to what feminists mean by “patriarchy”. It was getting so I actually wondered if perhaps it meant something serious and important, seeing as how they bang on about it so much. Turns out that, like everything else, it means “get out of my way, creep”. She deconstructs that quite beautifully.

    There’s definitely more fun, and nicer folk, down here in beta-land.