Jun 12

choosing a career

Most people when entering the job market are ignorant as to what job or career they should pursue, they hear from parents and teachers that careers are chosen either for money or for passion.

The problem with the passion approach however, is that it does not always mean success. It’s like anything else; you may be passionate about swimming, but this does not mean you will end up getting sponsorships like Michael Phelps. In addition to this reality – do you want to risk the chance at becoming frustrated or tired of your passion if it winds up being long hours for little to no reward?

It is quite normal to have some difficulty in deciding one’s path career-wise, many people who rush it, or do what they believe to be their calling choose the wrong career. We have found that the best way to consider a career is to balance something that you like doing with a job that is actually in demand.

Making use of your passion to property a profession

When you hear someone talk about their passion you can be sure of one thing, if their work is their passion then they will be motivated. Being motivated for a job that pays you close to what you’re worth will yield a supreme quality of work from you. The best job is one that you will not fall out of love with quickly, this leads to you being a better employee and most importantly a better team member.

A motivated employee strives to become the best at what he/she does; this takes a number of years and true dedication. Starting from a place where you are already good at what you do is the best way to become great in your field. Of course if you start off ignorant and are trained, you can also become great but it may take a lot longer; you end up working twice as hard as the person who is good since your starting point is low.

Choosing a career path based on money takes a certain type of individual strength, the reason I say this is because the higher you climb and the harder you work, the more stressful it can become.

One of my best friends is a Business lead at a company where he makes over $120, 000 annually. He is one of the angriest, stressed out, and unpleasant people due to this job. While he is single, due to stress he is unable to enjoy life with the money he makes. What use is it to have the world but not like living in it? This is why I say it takes a certain type – it isn’t for everyone.

So, in choosing a career – choose a path that is realistic for you in the long-run, the key is balance because without it you will end up miserable no matter if your motivation is passion or money.

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