May 06


I’ve come to realize that after we turn 30 there becomes 2 distinct paths that we can take when it comes to fitness. The gravity of life and the world seeks to pull us down, bend our backs and extremities to make us old, slow, and helpless – this is of course if you let it. While some health factors and situations that affect random members of the human race may cause this to be inevitable, the rest of us are able to fight it and maintain a great quality of life well into our 70’s (Studies have shown this to be true).

This is why I call it the fork in the road; life rewards those who break laziness in lieu of fighting for a better quality of life and even though luck plays a factor into this when it comes to finances, when it comes to physical fitness it will always pay off. At 30 you have the choice of continuing to live life with your car in neutral or to kick it into drive and get physically fit. I am not talking about fad diets, Insanity videos, or anything that is temporary, I am talking about changing your life to fit in diet and exercise permanently.

It is this fork in the road that has one senior looking very much like you’d expect and another who has you guessing at his age. Much of the way we age can be chalked up to the gene pool, the evolution of our parents and location on the map, but you have a lot of control in the way you age and when you neglect diet and exercise then you leave it up to the 3 fates to decide how things will go for you.


Exercise isn’t for everybody – this is a statement I hear a lot, or “I don’t have the time for that” from people who will make time to watch the big game on TV, mix it up at a bar, or lay on the couch for hours clicking away at the remote. You have to fit in exercise if you want to reduce doctor’s visits, back problems, and just about anything that comes as your body-parts get older. The only person that can make this decision is YOU.

It gives me mixed feelings when I see a 45 yr old man finally sign up for the gym when he realizes that he looks as if he is 60… once you start to bend and break there is only so much you can do! It makes me wonder every time why he didn’t take the correct path at around 30 years of age and stay the course to preserve his youth.

Many young people see 30 as the “time to get serious” in terms of starting a family and deciding what they want to be when they grow up, but 30 should also be a time to cement a lifestyle choice like physical fitness so that with all the other challenges life throws at you as you get older, health isn’t one of them. If you’re on the ropes about getting in shape just consider this fact, you are at a crossroads where one is empty and easy and the other is laden with rocks, logs and debris that you have to overcome.

The easy road becomes a hill in 10 years and the rough road stays straight and relatively easy once you’ve become accustomed to dodging the obstacles. Which one are you going to take, and is it really a life that you want when you get into your senior years?

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  • McThick

    The hardest thing about exercise is that humans are pre-programmed to value “the now” higher than “the future.” Exercise, unfortunately, has a NEGATIVE value for “the now” and compared with almost anything aside from self-mutilation. As such, it naturally shows up pretty low on most people’s to-do list. The challenge, which I have been failing at for most of my life, is overcoming the Precambrian programming buried deep in your DNA which is screaming for you to eat calorie-dense foods and expend as little effort as possible.

    Good luck with that….