Aug 14


Recently the New York Daily News published a survey that stated that men would prefer if their dates chipped in for the bill. The number of men surveyed yielded 64% saying that they paid but would rather the woman had offered up a part of it, but they felt ashamed to bring it up. These men are suckers.

Here’s a pro-tip for the men in that 64 percentile – classy women ALWAYS offer to pay the bill, leave a tip or at least her half of it. I am talking about the first date here. If she doesn’t offer and she isn’t a “traditionalist woman” (see below) then it is decision time.

There are 3 types of women out there dating:

1. Traditionalist Women – These women do not care for anything that feminists have done to men in the modern age, hell they oppose it and prefer women to be the way they were (in terms of a relationship) back when each partner had a cut and dry role. These women want us to pay the bill because it is part of our duty, and just like we play our part, they are willing to play their part in playing homemaker if you become a family unit. Editor’s notes: If you love old movies and old roles then a woman like this is a godsend. Pay the bill, wife her up, and enjoy a life of peace and less confusion.

Angry modern woman2. Level-headed Modern Women – Women in this camp do not see gender roles as a handcuff. If they like you, they will not hesitate to ask you out. Level-headed women will say that the bill is picked up by the person who asked the other person out. If she asked you out then she will pay, if you ask her out then get your wallet out. Classy women are in this camp and are more than willing to split the duties of just about everything with you… just don’t be an ass and expect them to cook. The sword slices both ways.

3. Opportunistic Women – The final 3rd and the main offender of dating etiquette is the opportunist who thinks that she should be treated the way her grandmother was but will beat you over the head with a feminist morning star if you have anything to say about her role. Men, I implore you – please – leave these women alone. The most bitter, angry, and defeated men I talk to have been victims of a woman who was a confused, opportunistic.

The classy women who turned out to be my actual girlfriends or memorable dates were in the 1st and 2nd camp. I never gave an obvious opportunist a 2nd date and you shouldn’t either. Dating is a time where you feel the other person out and what speaks louder than a career-driven, hungry woman who believes that you should pay the bill 100% of the time because you are a man? Does she need to slap you in the face with the red flag for you to even notice it? Be smart guys.

I know that the dating atmosphere has changed heavily over the years with the internet becoming a part of our daily lives. We have gotten to a point where women are heavily educated but lacking for relationships and men are beat down and confused by popular media. To say that it is a jungle out there right now is an understatement.

As a man you are told to shut up and let a woman go her own way while still being held to old standards that were afforded to classy women that had no rights. We are told to man-up in one breath, and in another we are told that our manhood is offensive, a part of rape culture and a whole barrel of nonsense that has become popular in the last 3 years. The irony with all of this is that it is championed by white knights and pandering men all over the place.

Classy women of the past didn't need to pay.

Classy women of the past didn’t need to pay.

So where is a man to stand?

On one hand some of our brothers have gone extreme (and it is understandable), they feel comfortable going it solo in life and “renting” love whenever the urge for companionship is there. Other men have folded and assimilated into the horde of feminist driven, beta males who live only to serve and uplift women no matter what. For the rest of the men who are men but want a mate – there is the confusing, annoying, and very expensive dating game whose rules are shaky at best.

These social obstacles have become walls in the road of relationship-seeking and it starts with the bill. How are men supposed to act with the bill now that women are just about on even footing in terms of jobs, education, and everything else? Are you going to seriously sit back and tell me that a man should still pay just because he’s the one with the cock and balls at the table? I disagree.

Men, let me ask you this? How would you treat the bill if it were you and a man? This is going to blow your mind so stay with me – and women can understand why beta males will fight to pay the bill for the same reason I am about to give here. When men go out to eat it is almost 100% guaranteed that the bill will be split unless it’s a business transaction where the vendor pays for the clients meal. Got it? Now observe what happens when one man offers to pay for another man’s meal in a general sense – they fight over paying it because of EGO. Ding, ding, ding.

So to the poor beta male who has been stripped of his manhood in every facet of society, this lowly act of picking up the bill is his way of “being manly” and I must say that it is quite pathetic. This is why 64% of the men in that survey picked up the bill and was disappointed at the women for letting it happen. It is a silly, ego-driven game by both genders and it really doesn’t have to be if you treat it the way you would if you were out eating with a new friend of the same gender (assuming that you’re straight). What do you think?

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  • Reminds me of Marc rudov once saying the categories of diners: Traditionally, men have wined and dined women. But, as women have gained financial equality, this unilateral practice has changed and become more egalitarian. Some people like the change, some don’t. Based on his observations and experiences, Author Rudov believes there are six categories of diners:
    1. The man who likes it when a woman buys him dinner
    2. The man who doesn’t like it when a woman buys him dinner because he feels that it emasculates him
    3. The woman who likes to buy a man dinner
    4. The woman who does not like to buy a man dinner and never offers
    5. The woman who does not like to buy a man dinner but makes a disingenuous, fake offer—hoping he will refuse her offer
    6. The woman who WOULD buy a man dinner but is afraid to offend him and never offers.

    • That is brilliant but it could scare both parties into inaction based on the fear of offending the other. How about both people go in assuming that they will at least have to pay their half? That way, until we get to know each other and where we stand, the offensive bill game is off the table.

    • I agree….I would always assume I’m paying my half. I wouldn’t even ask a woman to pay. If after a few dates she makes no genuine gesture at reciprocity (trust me I will say yes sure you can pay) I’ll just tell her it won’t work out between us. No need for her to know why. It just speaks volumes of her character and the future dynamics of the relationship if there ever was one. You know that saying good riddance, it’s like someone owing you money and avoiding you. thats a very inexpensive way to rid of yucky character.

  • Hi Jeffrey Cool can I use your comment? (yes i stalked you here muahahahahahaaa)

  • thank you! so intelligent you are!!

  • jami1069

    Society needs more modern women. I just think chivalry can go both ways.

  • AriD2385

    It seems like so many people are operating on different sets of rules that the signals get lost. You have men who assume a woman cannot be a Traditionalist because she has a career; but how she would be in a relationship or marriage might be a surprise (women leave careers to stay at home all the time).

    Jeffrey Cool’s breakdown was interesting. I’m definitely #5, haha. Yes, an offer will be made and I will back it up, but if he’s interested, it’d be best if he doesn’t accept.

  • Confused

    Honestly this whole dating etiquette thing is just confising. I agree with the points made in this article but not all guys do. I’ve had it happen on several occasions that I offered to pay and the guy actually got offended because apperently I made them feel ‘less of a man’ and ‘Didn’t I think he could take care of me’. Now what do I make of that?