Sep 03

Rapper Clifford “T.I.” Harris was arrested Wednesday along with his wife Timika “Tiny” Cottle on suspicion of possessing methamphetamines. The couple was driving down the streets of Hollywood California when the police pulled them over after the smell of marijuana came from their rental.  I have to say that this does not look good coming on the heels of the multiplatinum star being on three year probation after being released from a seven month jail stint for illegal firearms possession by a convicted felon. In his short come back since leaving the halfway house in March, T.I. managed to marry his longtime girlfriend, complete King Uncaged (the latest addition to his discography), and star in and executive produce the box office smash, Takers.  Now he is possibly facing a multiple year jail sentence if convicted.

One has to wonder if T.I. learned from his mistakes in dealings with the law in the past. If the tour to various schools speaking to hundreds of kids about the importance of education and saying “no” to drugs and alcohol was just an angle to lessen the prison term. If the MTV reality show, “T.I.’s Road to Redemption” where he had cameras follow him as he inspired young kids to stay off the streets was just a ploy to make a little extra money for Tiny to spend on the kids while he was locked up.  This recent stint with the law could possibly end his career as a rapper and actor as the terms of his parole may have very well been violated – he was ordered not to commit another crime (FAIL!), not to possess illegal controlled substances (FAIL!), and to actively participate in a drug and alcohol treatment program (FAIL!).  Nobody is big on listening to a 30-something rapper make his big comeback, and let’s face it, Hollywood does not like to rub elbows with those rowdy rapper-turned-actors, especially ones with illegal gun convictions under their belts.

What may be interesting to see in this situation is how the celebrity thing will tie into it. How will T.I.’s outcome differ from Paris Hilton’s latest brush with the law? The previous charges for both celebrities are definitely not similar, but the fact remains that both have priors and both were initially stopped by the police for the smell of weed coming from their cars.  Nonetheless, it appears that the consensus on the web from the fans of the rapper is much disappointment. It seems that they truly believed his life was turned around a lot of young people looked up to him as a role model.  But not even six months back in the game, he may have very well derailed his new direction of getting to the top to stay.

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  • You know T.I. is going to get the book thrown at him, he had guns on his first offense. Now drugs? I don’t think there is any way in hell he avoids going back into jail for this, Paris Hilton’s crimes are all relatively dumb and typical. But T.I. is black and a famous rapper those two factors kind of work against him, because if they can throw a rapper in jail they do it.