Mar 16

Parents, especially you white American parents who haven’t bothered to spend 3 seconds on teaching your children racial tolerance before they become teenagers – do yourself a favor and destroy their web-cams! YouTUBE, Facebook and chain emails are all public forums in which young people stupidly post rants and embarassing shit that will affect their professional life and beyond. Consider our new entry – one Alexandra Wallace, who exhibits a list of characteristics that race bloggers have been discussing for nearly 10 years now.

UCLA Student Alexandra Wallace’s Rant:

[flashvideo filename=videos/asian_rant-dumbass.flv image=videos/images/asian_rant.jpg /]

Alexandra’s Rant exhibits:

  • The expected thought process of a privileged, blonde, attractive, young girl. Look don’t be mad at me for posting it, but the fact of the matter is, if you look like this there is a solid stigma by people of color that your privileged ass is harboring racist opinions and thinking them innocent. Squeeze a hot blonde tight enough and she may just scream out some sort of racial slur, of course I’m joking but you don’t get any breaks when you fit the look and say the things that people assume you will. Alexandra isn’t surprising anyone.
  • Typical American stereotype. Again she isn’t surprising anyone outside of our shores as she fits every part of the thought process. Privileged (saying “our schools”), her hair is yellow, she’s making ching chung noises to mock a language that isn’t english and she doesn’t sound smart.
  • A flashback to “Yellow Peril” aka OMG the Asians are taking over!
  • More Tsunami jokes – nothing like a lack of sympathy for people you hate huh Alexandra?

The video has gone viral, hell it’s only getting crazier, and Alexandra will have to hide her face for all of 2 months till the internet forgets her when the next “racist” posts some garbage and gets aired out. But she’ll be forgiven, just like every other person who exercises their “freedom of speech” to not only other, but burn a set of people who aren’t white American. I doubt that the University will punish her, hell a buddy of mine just ignored the stuff coming out of her mouth just to comment that he’d like to put something in her mouth… I’m just saying, pretty blonde privilege is a motherfucker.

I’m not sure what Alexandra’s major is but she’s been receiving death threats so she may not even need to work when she rides the talk show circuit to apologize for her rant. Don’t worry Alexandra, there’s a pot of gold at the end of your anti-Asian rainbow. Just keep your hair bright, bat your pretty eyes and don’t act too smart and horny men all over, will forgive you.

Seriously people, just say no to YouTUBE. I think Cadillac Collins said it best: “man the internet gives people so many chances to ruin their life”. Quote of the day Cadillac, quote of the day.

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  • Dave

    She’s hot! C’mon, give it up, you know she is.

    That said, I believe that everyone knows that over-privileged white girls are the leading consumers of airtime on the planet. It’s rather disingenuous for someone who has probably been in two or three accidents because she was texting and driving at the same time to point fingers.

    Also…who studies deep meaningful Political Science texts anyway? PoliScience is what you do when you can’t get into communications classes because they are full.

    Those who live in glass houses (or bubbles of privilege) should not throw stones.

  • Dirty Wook

    Yo! I’m asian but who cares that she’s racist? she CHING CHONG my DING DONG anytime she wants to!

  • Totally not surprised about this…I can imagine what she says about the “darkies” on campus…unless they laying pipe on her…lol

    • No doubt, when she started off with “well you know I’m not the most politically correct” person it was like “oh you’re one of those”. I don’t think she’s racist in the true form of the word, just ignorant. The type of girl to have “f-cked a black guy” because it was cool to brag about to her friends – you know she’s kryptonite to a certain type of black dude just cause she kinda thick (judging from the shoulders and baby fat on her face). Lol.

      • I wish I could give you a kudo for the kryptonite to a black man statement because her type is…for any man at that!! LOL!!

  • artwomyn

    I’m really familiar, with today’s youths using the Internet, as their own playground, to
    spew racist rants. I’m in my early 50s, and an African American. I have never seen anything like it. I’ve been on several Internet forums, and have posted threads that address racism in today’s world. TThe white posters almost always accuse me of using the ‘race card, being ‘whiny’, having a ‘chip on my shoulder’, using racism as an ‘excuse for my failures’, race-baiting, being paranoid about racism, ‘ignorant’, being a trouble-maker, and acting just like Al Sharpton (or Jesse Jackson).

    It’s scary, that these kinds of rants, are coming mainly from younger people, who are under 25. They’ve created their own virtual reality on the Internet, that has nothing to do with real world reality. They weren’t born, when the Civil Roghts movement was going on. Their knowledge of racial history in this country, is almost nada. They because that because we have a black President, that blacks don’t experience racism anymore. I also think that they use blacks as a scape-goat, to vent their anger over not getting the jobs that they want. It’s a sad thing to witness, since young people are the future!

    • You know artwomyn we have a lot of blame to place on ourselves, not people of your generation but us Gen Xers who ignored racism for so long that now our children (the black ones) are cosigning many of these things. When I get into those debates I do better to show evidence but I still get attacked for bringing it up. You are labeled a racist in 2011 for calling out racism as much as you would for being a racist. Don’t let it deter you, if nobody points it out then it will continue to fester until it is mistaken as being “okay”. There’s a ton of ignorance on the internet and it does becoming sobering to read at times.

  • artwomyn

    I never thought of it that way Greg, maybe you’re right. Some where along the line, Americans wanted to turn away from the issue of racism. Seems to me, this happened in the ’90s when Clinton was in office. The era of multiculturalism was beginning then, and many white Americans, thought that racism was a thing of the past.white

    What actually happened though, was that racism had gone underground, and became much more covert, and connected to economics. And now with the awful economy, many young whites, are resentful that they have to compete against minorities for jobs, in an era of Affirmative Action.

    The Internet has become the perfect tool, for young whites to vent their racist feelings, without having to suffer any consequences in the real world. In fact, the Internet is just s virtual world for the young, that they’ve been able to use to escape from reality altogether. It’s become an electronic drug for them, and they don’t have to face-up to the problems in the world, when they’re online.

  • CPB

    Problem w/ this article: implying that she is attractive…..