Apr 02

gaius and caprica

One cannot ask the question of whether a human can love an android without first asking “what is wrong with a human woman”? The 2 questions go hand in hand because they echo the logic that we as human beings have when someone dares to break the mold of normalcy and venture out into unfamiliar territory.

Take for instance the issues we have had with race relations and interracial dating – you fall in love with a girl from group C when you are a member of group B and some of the hardcore girls from group B will begin to ask what is so wrong with them that you went out of your way for a C. See my point? To mainstream Android loving the world would beg for some logic to explain our need to even go there.

In the world of Science Fiction we have grown to accept human/android in our story-lines because in Sci-Fi we have evolved to the point where machine and man roams hand in hand. Apply that thinking to our world of today and you have a guy or gal who is seen as a desperate pervert who is so stunted in his/her sociability that they went out and bought a machine.

Android love is yet another nerd stereotype…

Recently in the popular game series Mass Effect they explored this phenomena of man and machine love by allowing the artificial intelligence of your ship (EDI) to take on a sexy synthetic shape, voiced by Sci-Fi queen Tricia Helfer and is given the ability to have a romance with the ship’s pilot. The premise seems crazy in our mundane world, but as the AI learned humanity and became more and more human in her own way the pairing ceased to look odd to the player.

summer glau terminatorWe have seen many Androids portrayed in shows to be mega-intelligent, sexy women and men yet all of them seem to gravitate to the awkward, nerdy member of the crew. My point is that even in the future, where we should be well past these prejudices and stereotypes for one another, the creators of these games, shows and movies still show Androids as replacement humans for nerds with bad social skills.

Is it all about sex?

In Battlestar Galactica the mega-intelligent traitor to the human race was a man named Gaius Baltar who falls in love with a machine that any of us would go crazy for. The difference in BSG’s showcase of Android love is that an alpha male, jock-type in Helo Agathon also falls in love with one who is played by the delicious Grace Park. Different from the nerd stereotype but very, very sexualized.

The show dealt a lot with sex and both Cylon (name for the Androids) models have a lot of bed time with their human boyfriends. Talk to anyone about the possibility of Androids as mates and their mind will drift to – “ so… you want to sleep with a machine?” It is hard to fathom an AI, skin, and features to mock human emotion, memory, and love that can make us take the union seriously so we automatically think sex! The nerds want sex and this android will give them limitless, unbridled sex!

But what if we get to the point of creating a Bishop from Aliens, a Terminator like Cameron Phillips, or a Cylon like Caprica 6? Would it be the end of intelligent men and women finding one another to procreate, or will it make for a happier world where the battle of the sexes is a moot point?

Recently I read an article by Steven Hill on G+ and had it out with a few members on their Sci-Fi community and it seemed like many men of the nerd persuasion are in favor of a fem-bot. So where do you stand on this? Is it a freaky thought that one day we will replace one another with a machine, or is it something you actually look forward to?

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