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5 Jobs you should date with cautionI know I am going to get a ton of flack for this article but I am taking one for the team. God knows I will be whipped and tied to the “tree of woe” for this but it must be done. In the dating world, we tend to meet all types, you get the nice folks, the manipulative folks and the too perfect folks. Everyone writes about personality types, hell we here at the Dragon Blog are guilty of that too… but what about jobs? Doesn’t the nature of a person’s job weigh heavily on a relationship too? Now, you “married out of high school” people should play the sidelines on this one, this is for the troopers who have been in the trenches and have dated an emo nurse or pissy waitress. We all know that the job is extremely important in your partner’s temperament and sometimes a certain career path will lead to trouble if you attempt to date that person. I am not saying to avoid these people mind you, we all need love, I am just saying… date with caution. Here is a list of 5 job-types that could make your relationship hell in the beginning:

1. Artists (This includes Graphic Designers and especially Musicians)
Financial Deficit – While some of the artists that I have dated have been the sweetest most selfless individuals, the fact of the matter is it is art above everything when it comes to work. If you are fine with helping to support the artist’s work and pick up the check at the end of the night then by all means go ahead. Just prepare to move her in, with her canvases and past baggage after you have gotten closer. Aside from taking care of the bills and mortgage you may need to sit down with him/her to have the “talk” about getting a part-time job. The reason for this is all Artists go through a period of “Artist’s Block” where their creativity is stunted, their motivation is stunted and your love-making will be stunted.I know it sounds harsh but talk to anyone who has dated artists and I am sure they can echo my sentiment to a certain degree.

2. Doctors and Nurses
Emotional Rollercoasters – They witness people die… nuff said. If you think it’s hard dealing with a girlfriend who won’t talk to you a few days out of the month, you need to stay away from medics. If you don’t believe me ask the guys who deal with this, one day they’re up, the other day they’re down. And please, spare me the  comparison theories to television shows, I am talking about reality. Medical people probably do best with other medical people or emotionally aloof people that can support them in the down times.

3. Waiter/Waitresses
Token hot waitressCrazy as a fox – Ever have a girl complain about how much her job sucks on a constant? Better yet, how about the one who absolutely refuses to tell you how her day was because she hates her job so much. I can only imagine for the women this is a nightmare, pissed off waiter dude is something I have not heard about but I can only imagine. If your girl loves being a waitress and dealing with the assholery of modern America, run for the frickin hills because she has got to be certifiable. I am betting she walks around smiling as if the world is perfect right? Just kidding, you better keep that chick.

4. Strippers
(See Medical People on the emotion thing) – Oh here goes Greg again picking on the strippers. I’m just saying, come talk to me when she is in tears every other night crying about some jacked up thing that happened to her 15 years ago. According to my sources, to date an exotic dancer does have it’s perks in gifting and finances, but good luck playing Goldy to yet another sexy girl who hates men and has daddy issues. Not to mention we’ve all seen your lady naked… that doesn’t bother you? Then you should do fine. Can you deal with the fact that your friend has probably pleasured himself to the thought of that lapdance he got a few nights back? I’m just checking.

5. Success Driven Workaholics
No time for love – I’m throwing myself under the bus on this one because for the longest I have been a really bad date. Getting me from 3rd base to 4th was damn near impossible because given the choice of career versus matters of the heart I was going to make my money every single time. It’s hard for a young business-minded bachelor/bachelorette to get into the relationship race. 24 hrs is not a long enough day and they simply don’t have the time. As you can see this conflict isn’t easy for both parties. If you are patient it could work out to be a great thing, but realistically don’t even bother.

Other careers I am guessing at but have no proof to back it up:
Adult Stars
Military people (insert domestic violence cliche here)

Now if your career is listed and you take offense because you’re “not like that at all” then more power to you. The list is comprised of the most popular relationship killing jobs as surveyed by myself. If you have any nightmare stories please share, it would help many of our writers and lurkers to read them and learn a thing or two.

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