Mar 13

chris brown with dog

Recently Chris Brown in his continued villain act due to being the feminist version of The Joker (and eternal reminder to the world that young men beat women) decided to hop on stage at the Emerson Theater in Hollywood and remind us men that we need to claim our women. Observe…

“Every guy in this building has said one thing to their female … If you’re not an insecure nigga, and you let her have fun with her friends, I applaud you. But you gotta say that one thing to her, and I made this shit up. [sings] Don’t make me have to tell you again, that that’s my pussy baby! It is mine, baby, babe, mine. Don’t make me have to tell you again, that that’s my pussy baby. It’s mine girl, it’s mine girl, it’s mine… So you better not give it away.

So every person in this motherfuckin’ building, if you got a bad bitch you better say that to her. Cause she might fuck another nigga.”

Here’s the thing, the man must have been drunk because from this side it looks as if he’s talking out of the side of his mouth on some bull. Let’s skip past the diss to women as objects and look at what he’s really saying. 

Before your girl has fun with her friends, Chris warns that you must tell her – just like pimps do – that her pussy is yours. Let’s picture this scenario in our heads for a bit, and let us imagine ourselves saying this to a woman on her way out the door for girls night out…

“Look girl, I let you go out and have fun with your girls but you better believe that pussy is mine. You remember whose pussy that is goddamnit, it is mine!”

I’m sure you follow that up with some R&B harmonious singing and a slap on the ass as you slam the door to preach on Twitter… or whatever else this generation’s Chris Brown types do.

Where I’m from, that sort of behavior is not macho, it’s what bitch-made guys do, do you know why? Well the act of handcuffing a woman is activity done by insecure males, who are either extremely worried that they are not good enough for a woman’s loyalty, or they believe that women are so wild and stupid that any man with game can lay them… unless of course they are reminded whose pussy this is.

Chris Brown has droves of female fans, some of them may be your sisters, daughters, and even mothers. These fans make me wonder… what are you thinking? Even when we separate the artist’s personal life from his craft (I’m sure he sings really pretty), does it not worry you that some of this rhetoric may find itself into his lyrics?

No, I won’t be telling my girl that I own her pussy, just like she won’t be telling me that she owns my dick. This may be pimping 101 but the last time I checked I don’t have girls paying me to manage their sex-craft… we are men not pimps. I leave with this one reply to Chris Brown’s advice men – remember to keep it classy, and if you find that you have to handcuff a girl you may need to reconsider your position in her life.  

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  • Tony

    Why do I feel like this was his ‘answer’ to Drake for his verse on No Lie. Albeit a year late.

  • Why should one be forced to ‘handcuff’ a woman? That I find very odd. Personally, and I think many men will agree with me, I’m not in a relationship with a woman I don’t trust.
    If I don’t trust her to keep it in her pants, then why would I even trust her with my crockery?!

    I think it must just be some persona that he puts on because he thinks (And probably not incorrectly) it sells records.

    • Matt, I wish I could say it was to sell records but having known way too many men with this exact opinion I feel as if he’s sincere. There are men who truly believe women are mentally weak and that a guy with a silver tongue can get her in bed at the snap of his fingers (this includes married, trustworthy, and happy women). They normally have been cheated on in the past and have put up this defense that nothing will ever break. Those guys tend to handcuff and are adamant about it.

      I feel the same way you do, and if a woman is that flighty she would not be my woman, she would be a chick I just happen to hang out with and have sex periodically… nothing more. Trust is everything, and if a woman is that crazy I don’t think telling her the pussy is yours will change that.

  • LordAlaster

    I have/had a friend that has a jealous boyfriend that believes if she is to move on and be happy with me that I have to kill him. He is the abusive type (chokes women and puppies) and she has low self esteem(feels like I am too good for her, but gets angry when I leave her alone like she asks), so when I showed her patience and kindness (she cried) when she was being a mean spirited bitter woman due to her picking up on his nasty habits. she eventually mislabeled me as “desperate” because I tried to work with her.

    • LordAlaster

      What she doesn’t understand is that with a desperate “man” like that fighting him would be pointless because he’s ready to throw his life away anyway….not that I am a coward.

      • Sounds like you need to put 100 miles between you and that situation Lord. Without years of therapy and the willingness to change, women who have that past tend to destroy the lives of the good guys who try to save them.

      • LordAlaster

        I already did that! I feel sorry for the child(whether its mine or his) she’s going to have more than anything..but if she’s to be free she needs to stand up and change the situation herself.