Sep 23

Dear Dragon, do you think it’s wrong to not put on your Facebook that you are in a relationship or hide your relationship status when you do? – Daryl.A

I hate Facebook, there I said it, it’s a necessary evil for us web inhabitants and it is pretty much an ego stroke more so than a communication portal. See with MySpace people would express themselves through glittery, god-awful graphics, goofy pictures and the latest songs. Facebook lacks all of that ugly gaudiness so now we suffer through bible verses in status updates, relationship updates, celebrity spam, Hall of The Black Dragon spam and NSFW clips posted to your wall. Being that as it may, it is still extremely useful, it is super popular and it is another avenue of exposure and attention. Many women LOVE attention, not all (waves to my fellow introverts) but many do.

Women tell their besties everything, it’s all about “oh my god did you guys have your first kiss yet!?” (claps rapidly, eyes blinking) and “sooo did you guys… yet?” So for the rest of the world, especially the bitter haters that she allowed on her friends list, nothing puts her over more than to have the Mary is in a relationship be announced to Facebook. Some women just don’t trust you and your 500 friends, well the 337 that just happen to be females around your age. The relationship update is their reassurance that you are hers and not using Facebook to scam on ass… as if it matters. She wants the women to be nosy and click her name on your relationship status and see how fine and no-nonsense she looks. Long story short just do it and spare yourself a really dumb and nonsensical argument.

So Daryl just change it, I know it’s corny but if you want to spare yourself the millions of follow-up comments prying into the change, just go into your account options and turn relationship status updates off before switching it. Turn em off, change it and everybody’s happy. If you are scamming on outside ass then make a new profile, tell your jump-offs that your old one got hacked (the generic computer excuse of the decade) and re-invite them on your alternate one. Just be sure to use all fake info, including your name and things should be right as rain.

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  • Jewel of the Wild

    I couldn’t agree more, I truly detest Facebook & especially its addicts. It’s an open book to your life and reveals an underlying sense of low self-esteem to many who seek validation on there mundane lives.
    My Bff begged me to join; that I did using my MySpace alias. My BFF made mad crazy request to all her friends to add me, keep In mind these were peeps in her social circle I’ve never met. I refuse to post a picture, but somehow my BFF tagged me & then all hell surfaced. I was Happy remaining anonymous as before until my Bff felt a need to prove that I was not her online alter ego. See, for years online I never felt a need to reveal myself as my Bff did to her message board family, but Facebook came along & changed all that. Now my Bff marital status has changed & 150 photos of her man’- in -your- face later, is an embarrassment to change on Facebook.
    I do lurk out of boredom & find it funny how some use Facebook to seek approval of their lack of confidence. I’ve learned more about people’s crazy persona on FB than I care to digest in a face-to-face encounter.