Apr 06

 The beautiful Jessica Alba

“Dear Dragon, I read your site often and I am a big Jessica Alba fan (seen her on your top 100) but my girl is giving me all sorts of grief about her. What do you say about a girl who gets jealous about your celebrity crush? I notice that she even talks about dudes like Bradley Cooper and I don’t even trip over it but she get mad over Alba? Sup with that?”Frustrated Fred

Men of the Hall, take this however you want to take it but if you are with a new girl and she freaks out over your liking a celebrity woman or watching porn then you are in for a world of hurt if you stick around. There is nothing positive that comes out of dating a control freak with low self-esteem and that chick will ruin you and waste your time by the time she’s finished.

A Boss Bitch Can Separate Fantasy from Reality

There is a big difference between being a pervert and being a guy who watches an adult film once in a while. Trust me, you can slow down to hit your girl off every day but it will be futile with a chick that has no self-esteem.

Having dated the 2 extremes (liberal girl who got down with anything sexual and daddy issues girl who got jealous when I said that Halle Berry is cute) I will always advise men to get the hell out of any relationship with a woman that competes with a celebrity. You all know who you are.

These insecure women are unsure about themselves, they want to be your everything, and if you act like a man and tell her to go walk that silly jealous nonsense off and holler at you later – she will try an ultimatum on you. Not worth it guys, just move on to the next one (cue Jay-Z).

Don’t Get It Twisted – You Just Might Be Wrong

Now if you are one of those guys who is into your celebrity crush to the point of obsession then there is a mile long difference between your girl showing concern over your unhealthy habit and someone’s bitchy girlfriend finding a DVD in the PC. That’s not what I’m talking about here, I am talking about insecurity and you will know whether you have a chick with issues on your hand based on the first time she reacts to you being a fanboi of an actress.

This will affect younger men (21-30) more than it will older being that I’ve found older women have a more relaxed outlook on life than their baby sisters… plus there’s that sexual appetite thing. It’s as simple as this: If she wants to be your all then she needs to be giving it up equally as much, I’m being serious. As men we have a very hard time keeping focus when there are pretty things all around EXCEPT for the periods of time when our essence is drained and the sex is often.

And that’s the ironic part of it all with a control freak; she will not let you get the ass often. If this is not the case then brother why are you complaining? You better get it!

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