Jun 08

“Dear Dragon should I hit a married girl who acts single? well I mean it’s like she and her man are married, live together, just don’t really care. Have grown apart or something, don’t even wear rings. Do you hit it or no?” – Patrick.T

Hey Patrick in a perfect world that’s game on all day every day right there. The complication comes with whether you know the husband or not though. If you know the man, have met him or gone to his house for football then write her off. If he’s a stranger then you aren’t in the wrong for playing paramour to his estranged wife – sure many will disagree but there are hundreds of married couples out there using the “we are separated” card to f@!k other people, so why not you?

Look, I call it the Bettie Draper / Carmella Soprano treatment. With those two women from their respective shows they had men who were banging side pieces on the regular. So when these wives found out about it, went through the heartbreak and the kicking out of their husbands, they realized that they had devoted their livelihoods to these men and could not necessarily live without their money (plus the kids wouldn’t understand). So to get over it, they jumped on the crotch of some random lucky bastard in their own private method of getting revenge. You can be that revenge, hell you can revenge that ass 24/7/365 because it’s not like he’s checking for her. Just know that you risk yours and her life by committing the act since most guys won’t take kindly to it. If you’re locked in… 9 times out of 10 he has something he’s beating anyway, so go for yours.

So go ahead and creep with it Pat, just make sure that she understands that you are not for her to rub in his face. It is to be kept immensely discrete and you don’t have an identity as far as he’s concerned. You never know what you’re dealing with and if he’s a Donald Draper or a Tony Soprano that doesn’t subscribe to his wife getting play time like he does. You can and will get shot. So be careful, analyze the situation and if the booty is worth your life, then do your thing and bust one for the Alliance.

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