Aug 23

“Hey Dragon, check this out – I talked to a white woman who has 2 kids from her former husband (black man) and she’s now dating a white guy who ever so often gives her flack about her being with a black man and having his children. This is supposedly a white dude from ‘the hood’ too with ‘many black friends’! What’s the deal with that? I have Latin girls who told me the same thing about their Latino boyfriends too.” – Calvin.D

Hey Calvin, black stepfathers are guilty of the same bull… (I know a lot of guys who would quickly remind their black woman about the white man that ran out on her after knocking her up) but before I go in on dumb women who let jackasses get near their kids, I want to talk about racism for a bit.

What’s sad about the situation that you describe is the often hushed truth about the hell that the non-black woman in a interracial relationship deals with for daring to step outside.

As a black man in 2011, I can honestly say that the worry of some redneck going all Emmet Till on me for traipsing around town with a blonde is virtually nonexistent – but for her (the Kristen Bell rip-off on my arm), the reality is a tad bit different.

Behind closed doors the closet racist shines like a brand new light. He shoots her units (gives her dirty looks), he shakes his head, he denies her work, you name it and god forbid he finds out his woman dated a black man… you have the exact scenario that you described in your question.

There’s a saying that has been around since forever and people misunderstand its meaning:

“Once you go black, you never go back.”

People get on some silly empowerment tip thinking that it means the power of the black penis will forever twist a white woman’s head into a state of tunnel vision. She will never want a white man again!

In reality, the phrase can mean that once a non-black woman has stained her precious womb with black cock, she is forever tainted as a ninja lover (figure it out). It is a mark harsher than the scarlet letter, so she had better stay on the dark side of town because if her ninja loving ass was to come back home, chances are her own father would put a bullet into her.

That being said – One love to the ninja lovers of the past that endured hell to give a ninja some love!

As far as the woman with the racist lover that’s checking her on her kids…

It’s 100% HER Fault!

Don’t get it twisted THIS IS NOT A BLACK/WHITE THING! This is a black/(anything else) thing. AND it is a bad stepfather thing.

happy multi-racial family in bed

Many men have no reason or right to inject themselves into the lives of children, because they are not worthy of the call! 100% not worthy, and if you are a selfish, horny woman that will put some semi-racist, soon-to-hurt-your-children penis over your kid’s well-being then you are the problem not the racist.

Women! If you have some jackass coming at you about the race of your former lover, you need to dump his dumb ass fast! Find a good dude or go to the Adult Store and get a toy. Suffer no patience to a man who would use your seed against you, this is a zero-tolerance affair and I need you to woman up.

So Calvin, these chicks that have the men throwing racist shade on them for their children need to wake up and move on.  I have known tons of white step-fathers who have given love and support to kids that aren’t their shade.  These chicks need to check themselves, hard!

If you are a man that is guilty of this type of thing, kill yourself. Seriously, go do The Dougie in traffic. Well not seriously but take your racist ass to another chick who doesn’t have a black ex. Why are you even there in the first place?

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