May 13

Why am I having to write this? Well I am hoping that anyone who passes these Halls, sees this on Google or through your magnificent tweets, likes and re-posts will realize that they are being played by my man 50 Cent. Look, I can identify with Curtis because he has the same sick sense of humor that I do… we say stuff for reaction, we look from an outside realm into the world and toy with people when we feel bored enough. If you are the type to laugh at yourself you will completely get it, but if you are part of the other 80% who takes things at face value you will be mad at us. I get it, and I want you to get it too.

Over the last year or so the mega-successful, rich, 50 Cent has toyed with the public on many occasions (I can see him rolling around in his money laughing hysterically at the feedback). He has tweeted bullshit about stocks in order to see the lemmings hop on it and buy, buy, buy. He has made political comments, and he of course has used his music to poke at fellow emcees (see: The Lox, Ja-Rule and Kanye West). 50’s trolling makes Donald Trump look like a well meaning business man, he is lord amongst trolls, a master of the art. The rest of us bow to his ability to bring about the lulz from you people that take life way too seriously. I sometimes sit with my mouth open as people re-post the articles on 50’s latest tweet or stunt.

he is straight up trolling the world and it’s damn near beautiful

Here’s the thing my fellow denizens, the man does not care about his public image, he doesn’t. You cannot defeat a troll that lacks any care for what you think of him. You can write nasty blogs, you can huff and puff and you can say that you’ve never bought his bad music – it’s still money in the bank for him. The man has made money in ventures outside of music that will keep him relevant and sexing up dime pieces until the Reaper catches up with him… and even that isn’t likely after dude took 9 bullets and bounced back up rapping. Do you want to stop 50 from laughing at you? Then stop reacting to every little thing he does, he is straight up trolling the world and it’s damn near beautiful.

Do you understand what I am saying? If you are one of these people that 50 gets reaction from I am begging you to wake up and smell the roses. Watch an interview with the man, check out his history and look at the odd relationships he has had with people in the industry. This man isn’t some dumbass who raps, he’s pretty damn smart and he’s laughing at you. Stop feeding the trolls!

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  • 50 certainly knows how to get a quick reaction to what he says and does. He is a master of social media. He’s a very intelligent businessman. People who write about him and respond to him continue to make him richer and more relevant. Good piece!