Dec 17


Winter is here and it’s cold outside but for months you have ravaged your bodily temple with sugars, fatty things, and all of the crap that you’ve convinced yourself that you “deserve”. Now is the time to channel your inner Rocky Balboa and get into the gym. Doing this will prep your body for the new year when everybody (and their mother) will be grabbing memberships and posting updates on their timeline. Starting now has the benefit of revving up your engine so that you are in full blast come January, and it will influence you to stay away from the terrible Christmas goodies like cakes, candies and of course eggnog.

Along with working out you should go into the new year with a more positive attitude towards working out. You are not going to lift weights and run because you have to, you are doing it because you know that you will feel better by mid-year next year; you are doing it because you refuse to be a quitter; and you are doing it because by this time next year you aim to be a god or goddess. For working out you invest time and money into equipment and clothes and like every good investment you are looking forward to the pay off. Start now, overcome the cold, and get a headstart.

You can also take the time to research what programs will be optimum for your progress in the New Year being that switching things up is a surefire way to avoid the dreaded plateau!

Personally I love the Christmas break for the freedom I get to work out. I move to a colder state and take advantage of the ice cold weather in order to push my body to the limits. Waking up at 5am I would do my weight training and cardio routine, then spend an hour in the sauna reading. By the time I shower and run upstairs to make my breakfast the res of the family will be waking up and I can join them in the everyday lazy rounds. This standard has been something I have been doing for the last two years and when I come back to the salt mines, I am primed and ready to go. If you do something like this though, make sure that you take some time to meditate. I love to do it when I am charred and burned from my workout.

 So get on it before the rush even if it means doing jumping jacks in the living room. Consider it a chance to start and run your engine in the snow so that you are able to maintain in the next year.

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