May 17

I live in Florida, a state that I like to regard as the boob  job capital of America. Girls here for the longest time have been enhancing themselves with mixed results from the male population because I will be the first to  say that tits and ass don’t automatically make you sexy – excuse my frankness. You either have it or you don’t, some have it hidden and can bring it out by learning how to walk, talk and play the part but if you’re wack, you’re wack and the only person that can change that was your creator. In other words some people need to quit while they’re ahead.

Now I’m not naïve, I know that girls being teased, ignored or dissed will lead them to go under the knife but this article is for women that are already sexy as hell who still feel the need to enhance themselves. Please, please, please don’t do it! Small breasts can be just as sexy as double F’s – Milla Jovovich with a big chest will lose out on being the Milla that we find so lithe and sexy. It becomes a question of what do you want to be known and remembered for – Jessica Biel may be a fine actress and one of the sexiest women on film but when her name is brought up all guys ever discuss is her ass. Does that sound ideal to you?

Ultimately Smaller is Better

If you are known as a “banger” then you either have everything or you have enough with a bit of extra. A woman who has breasts, an ass, fashion sense, and legs that go on forever can be a complete idiot and guys will faun over her to no end. This is our society, but there are women with barely anything up top, pert waist, tiny bottom and no money but when you see them in motion it’s liquid sex in a glass. I’ve always said that sexy has nothing to do with what you have but everything to do with what you do with it. So instead of trying to be like the girls who were given a sexy easy-mode pass in life, why not just define your own brand of sexy?

Look Olivia Wilde isn’t built like Kim Kardashian but those eyes, the way she carries herself and her cutesy behavior is enough to get her chosen a lot more times than Kim at least where men like me are concerned. Women like to act as if men are wired to simply look at the biggest ass and breasts then pursue but the sad thing is most guys will not wife the girl with a blessed body – we don’t trust them. Too many video vixens, gold diggers and the like have made that brand seem eternally tainted.

Wear What You Dig

Sexiness is defined by confidence and the way you force it on the world. You cannot let celebrities and the worshippers of them define your sexy, you have to do it and convince the other sex of it. A fat guy who dresses like a 1950’s dandy and can exude a silky smooth level of confidence can get more ass than a big, muscular, pretty boy who dresses like a douche and comes off as corny whenever he opens his mouth. On the flip side it works just the same, a sexy, slim, sweetheart in glasses will pull more quality guys than a Melyssa Ford who talks and acts like a Kardashian. The Melyssa Ford will get sexed up and dumped but it’s the skinny co-ed that we’re thinking about throughout the day.

So if you’re going to enhance, why not enhance your personality and confidence? They are cheaper than some silicone and attracts more quality than the fake body-parts will. This is why I love Keira Knightley who made them change a poster that had photoshopped curves on her when we know there’s none. Sure she could do to eat a few sandwiches but I bet Keira is a firecracker in bed and can hold a conversation – now that’s sexy! You can keep the curves.

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  • Lenee Baylor

    You are a beast and super intelligent which I find incredibly SEXY!!!!