Jun 25

I have NEVER been attracted to muscle women, actually come to think of it whenever I’d see a chick on the cover of a muscle mag, it was a HUGE turn-off. This was me until I met Denise, the cardiovascular nurse who I worked with periodically. She was sweet, endearing and we would trade smiles with each other whenever we crossed paths.  Soon I found out accidentally that we both parked our expensive German cars in the same distant lot to hide them from nosy co-workers wanting to know what we drove. Needless to say, all that muscle stuff went out the door, I was in love.

So lemme describe Denise, she was a shorty about 5’3″, caramel complexion with a short bob haircut. She had a backyard but no fat or cottage cheese, the legs and arms were cut up to hell, letting you know immediately that she worked out. She was single, in her early 30s, didn’t take crap off anybody but a really sweet girl whenever you met her. She was also a certified personal trainer and a woman that got hit on literally every second of the day. So you gotta imagine, it was step correct, or get run over by this sexy filly. The attraction was purely sexual for this woman, not to mention that she was beautiful too (like in the face beautiful!) Ya total package and it made me worry if I could even hang with her in the bedroom. This chick could probably body-slam me and put me in the Cobra clutch without so much as breaking a sweat! The thought of it all turned me off but seeing her made me want to put up with the pain.  She had to be a woman who loved rough sex, I couldn’t imagine making love to her, hell her thrusts could probably knock me off the bed and have me sore, crawled up in the fetal position. The question was, risk the pain and humiliation to get with Denise or leave her alone to the meathead types that work out with her? But this was stereotypes and fear talking, women are women, varying in personalities and sexual appetites. Why was I being a little bitch about asking out a workout chick? When I asked a fellow dater (who had a thing for muscle chicks) he started telling me how much control they had in the muscles down there – NO JOKE!! This got me open, I had to get with Denise to find out for myself!

The Score – Getting A Date With Denise

One day I came up with a clever ploy to see if I could find a way to work my way into Denise’s good graces.  I decided to use a common interest of ours, since we both had expensive German cars it was an easy and logical choice as a starting point.  So one day I took a peek at the schedule, and saw the next time she would be working on the same day as me.  I arrived at work a bit early, and I parked in our distant lot so that I would not miss her.  Now I normally keep my car in pristine condition, I wash it weekly, and if any debris or trash get on it I take it off almost immediately (I loved that damn car).

A few days earlier I had driven down a dirt road and my pristine car was dirty, rather than immediately wash it I left some of the dirt on there.  She pulls in takes her time and backs into her space, as she is doing this I am examining the dirt on my car as if it recently happened.  She gets out, and I grab my stuff while pretending to shake my head in disgust.  She has a curious look on her face, and I seize the opportunity to talk to her.  I tell her that I notice how clean her car is, and that I need to get mine washed.  She of course volunteers the information of the person who washes her car, and she talks about how she has her car washed every two weeks.  So, we talk some more and build up a good rapport, but I do not make any advances like I am interested because we do work at the same place so precaution needs to be taken.

I talk to her a few more times due to luck and a few well timed arrivals at work, and I find out she is getting her car washed on Saturday I tell her that I was going to get mine washed on the same day.  I also suggested we should meet up for lunch while our cars were being washed, there was good place to eat next to the place.  So Saturday rolls around we head off to eat lunch while our cars are being washed, we had a good conversation and I started to learn a lot of things about her.  I was confident she was into me, and I suggested we hang out after we get our cars back if she was not busy.  She agreed, I had to do everything in my power to prevent thoughts of this woman taking it to me later that night.

We both get our German engineered works of art, and agree to meet for dinner later.  I go home and get ready, and we meet at a nice trendy spot in the downtown area.  She is looking good enough to eat in her high heels, and an outfit that accentuated her tight, fit body.  We have a great dinner, and she tells me she would like to see my place.  I am thinking woah!  So I agree and damn near drop my credit card as I couldn’t get out of there fast enough, I am going to be deep in this before the night is over.

The Wrap-Up – Am I In or Am I In?

Well we get back to my place, and I give her a bullshit tour of my place.  We sit on the couch and I pour her a glass of wine, I have a variety of movies I use to set the mood.  I pop in Love Jones because women love that movie, not sure what the Larenz Tate love is all about, but it works magic for me.  She cozies up to me, and i am thinking this shit is a dream, if had planned this it could not be going any better.  I get a look from her that indicates to me that I have the green light, so I go for a safe kiss on the neck to see how she reacts.  She was receptive to it, so I slowly work my way to her lips and start to tease her a little bit (women love that shit), and she starts to get hot and bothered.

I pinch myself on the sly to make sure I am not dreaming, nope I am not sleeping this shit is really about to go down.  But all of a sudden she stops me, and tells me she is seeing somebody (In my head I am saying, and that matters because), but I listen to what she has to say.  She was mad at her boyfriend, and wanted to get back at him.  I was the talk of all the women at the hospital, as I had never really shown much interest in any of them, so she chose me because I was discreet and had my shit together.  She was too strong willed, she refused to stoop to his level, and give me the goods out of revenge.  The only reason I got so far is she told me, I was so interesting and engaging, she did not want to ruin something between us in the future.  She leaves gives me a peck on the lips, and I close the door calling bullshit in my head.  Oh well I got a partial sample of the goods, which is more than most dudes have gotten with her, but for all the confidence she exudes some tool had her about to give me the ass out of retaliation.

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