Mar 08

“Cause don’t forget who’s taking you home and in whose arms you’re gonna be, so darlin’ save the last dance for me” – The Drifters

Its an ongoing debate as to whether jealousy is inherently a female trait or not. While many guys tend to fall into the passionate/lover boy role because we know ourselves better than any woman does. We know that guys do not pursue women for friendship and we know that Julio getting her number at work means that Julio wants to get in her panties badly. Women who willingly give up the number or allow themselves to get into scenarios where they are a smooth word away from opening their legs are not good girlfriends and wives. For a level-headed alpha male you may get away with flirting with his girl or even sneaking around to try and romance her off his hands – but the minute you cross the lines of “respect” for him as a man he flips the switch into beast mode. A passionate, lover-boy type isn’t cool with anybody looking at his girl much less pursuing her and a cold, gangster type of guy gives a girl enough rope to hang herself with.

When you have a rotten woman it is better to find out early than to find out many years down the line. Nothing makes a gangster happier than a down-ass-bitch who will lie to the police for him, stash the drug money in her crib and most of all keep her legs locked while he does time in prison or a tour in the military. The stance as a down-ass-bitch can only be shown through action and for a woman to dangerously flirt with a possible sex partner behind the gangsters back can have deadly results. If you’ve been with him for too long you could die, if you’re brand new he will accept you as a whore. Either way he isn’t jealous, he just knows that you can or cannot be trusted around the animals of the man race. So to recap let’s see, you have those who will handcuff a woman out of jealousy in order to keep her from creeping, and then there are those who will let her roam free (but under observation) to see what kind of woman she is. The latter is on some gangster shit, the former is of the stock that can be labeled as insecure, normal and most times “crazy”.

Let’s examine the difference based on three scenarios of jealousy versus disrespect, each varying in level of disrespect. Jealousy warrants you dumping the girl, having a strong talk or brushing it off as nothing. Disrespect warrants you flipping the switch into beast mode on both her and whoever the other transgressor is.

Scenario One – The Rap Concert
Jealousy – You find out your girl has given her number to (random rap star) at his concert.
Disrespect – You find out your girl has given her number to (random rap star) at his concert, sucked him off and kissed you goodnight when she came home that same night.

Scenario Two – The Baby Momma
Jealousy – One of your friends kept your baby mama’s number and end up beating it1 on a hot summer day.
Disrespect – One of your friends kept your baby mama’s number and end up beating it on a hot summer day while your 5 yr old slept in the next room.

Scenario Three – Wedding Day Blues
Jealousy – Your best man pulls your future wife to the side to tell her that he was always in love with her and feels saddened that you got her before he did.
Disrespect – Your best man pulls your future wife to the side to tell her that he was always in love with her and ends up beating it in the bathroom while you’re outside taking pictures… you find out two years later.

As you can see the cutoff occurs when it goes from assumption based on “what could happen” to scenarios when it happens regardless of your feelings or presence. What level of man are you my fellow Dragonites? Would you allow her to prove herself as a down-ass-bitch, or would you rather handcuff her before a moment of “disrespect” presents itself? Are you gangster enough to be that guy calmly waiting in the living room with the lights off when she comes home from f-cking Jerome in his SUV? Do you have the patience to sacrifice emotion to coldly kick her out your house? Or is it too much for you, you have to get loud and cry? How Gangster are you?

To sum this article up, I leave you with this song by the drifters as it speaks volume to the Gangster’s attitude to jealousy. Just remember who you’re coming home to and try your best not disrespect me.

1 Beat it up – Normally used to describe really good sex that drives women bonkers.

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  • Man what is running through your mind when your writing this stiff. Great article. I had to pull the Gangsta calm cool sitting watching you sleep on the couch shit and you not know i’m even there with old girl i told you about.