Mar 11

kevin hart, madison square gardens, comedian

When I think about writing and dealing with criticism it brings to mind the visual of a new comedian who is working a tough room whose audience expects him/her to be Jim Carrey. As we know comedy is varied and while several thousand people may find one man funny, there will be leagues of others who don’t. For that comedian to succeed, he/she will have to get through many nights where the audience is comprised of hostile people that refuse to laugh before he gets to selling out Madison Square Garden with leagues of his fans.

Many of us come into writing expecting our readers to be supportive, and if they don’t like our books to at least be civil about expressing their disdain. Who are we to think that we are beyond the phase of booing audience members, rotten tomatoes being thrown, and rivals trolling with one-star reviews on our Amazon pages? Well we’re human and many of aren’t born with the iron skin needed to deal with people tearing apart our work…

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What is this?

Hey there denizens, I am on a virtual book tour this month for Anstractor and will be guest blogging on various spaces talking specifically about writing. Many of you have asked me about the road to writing in the commentary and I hope that these posts that I will be sharing will help you in some way.

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