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Understanding the game of love and happiness can be a complicated one for men and women who weren’t blessed with a tremendous amount of confidence. Luckily for them we have people who have figured it out that are willing to share their secrets with those who are humble enough to ask their help. One such individual is a man by the name of Mr. Locario who was kind enough to give an interview to The Hall of The Black Dragon on dating advice and what he has to offer.

Hey Mr. Locario, thank you for taking the time to enter the Halls and allow us to pull your coat on women, the game, and how you can help guys get better at figuring it out.

The first thing I wanted to ask you is on getting advice. There are many web spaces out there where you have guys calling themselves Pick Up Artists (PUA) and using formulas and flowcharts to break women down. What do you present that is better and different from these guys and what is your opinion on the forums and blogs that are out there?

A lot of Pick Up Artists seem to make the game more complicated than it needs to be with using pick up lines and a lot of techniques.

What I do is I make the game as simple as possible for men. The first thing I teach men is how to value themselves, how to have a certain mindset when it comes to dealing with women and also how to be confident. Most pick up artists are showing men how to get a woman to like them. I show men how to like themselves. When you like yourself and you are comfortable with who you are women will be attracted to you and like you automatically. You don’t have to try to get them to like you.

My opinion on the forums and blogs out there with pick up artist and other people trying to give advice is some of it is great information but some of it isn’t that useful. Also you have a lot of guys on the internet that are just really angry and frustrated that they are having problems attracting women. A lot of it has to do with them following certain pick up artists whose intention was to never really help them out in the first place, but instead just take advantage of them and make a quick buck. This is why pick up artists get such a bad reputation. Some of them just do it to prey on insecure guys to try to get them to buy their products and take their boot camps.

“I show men how to like themselves.”

I’ve been on some of these forums and chat rooms and the admins are quick to kick me out because I tell some of the guys how easy it can be to pick up women without having to do all the complicated stuff some of these pick up artist are trying to sell. So for some of these guys their first priority is to make money first and then help the guys second. There is nothing wrong with making a buck because this is my job and their jobs also but I feel that you have to really help the people you are trying to serve and not give their needs a back seat just so you can make some quick money.

I listened to your 5 tips for guys on picking up chicks and you summed up about 10 of my articles in one clear and simple message. So I have to ask – how receptive are the guys who ask for your help? Do you find that most guys are just hopeless, or is hearing it from an expert enough for them?

Most guys are receptive who ask for my help. The guys who usually aren’t that receptive are the guys who think the game needs to be difficult. Guys who read the latest pick up manual and try out all the pre-written lines and scripts are the guys who aren’t that receptive at first because when I tell them that getting with hot chicks is easy they don’t believe me. They think they need to do 20 different things in order to get her when they probably need to step their game up and improve on probably just one or two things. I don’t think most guys are hopeless. I believe that any guy who is willing to take some time and work on himself and interact with women will be successful with dealing with women.

One of the things we stress here on the Hall is for men to be confident in their own skin. What can a young, average-looking, broke man do to feel good enough to talk to women?

I tell guys that they need to realize that they are unique. There is no one else on the planet who is the person that they are. So when you understand that you will then start to understand how valuable and important you are.  You are the only one who is you. So if a chick likes you then she has to be with you because she can’t find another you. She may find someone who looks like you, dresses like you, or acts like you but it’s still not you. This is a good starting point to where men can build their confidence. It doesn’t matter if you are broke or average looking. I used to pull girls back in the day when I was broke and living with my mother and sharing a room with my little brother. I would tell girls to come over when my brother wasn’t home so I could have the room to myself. If you love yourself and understand your value then you will feel good about approaching women.

Also you might be a guy who is talented, funny or smart which adds to how awesome you are. The problem is most guys don’t tap into what makes them unique. So men are walking around thinking that they are not valuable and that when they talk to a girl they have to “demonstrate high value”. That’s a term a lot of the pick up artist use which means you have to show the girl how valuable you are. You don’t have to demonstrate anything. If you know it, you will be it and she will see it.

Mr. Locario on Red Carpet

Now I won’t sit here and have you give out free food from your grocery store of gaming advice but I have one more that I wanted to ask your advice on. Some women claim they 100% will never talk to a guy in a night Club yet every weekend they are out there shaking ass and batting eyes at the wolves. Are these women full of it, or are there targets that a man should just consider null and void?

There are a lot of women who are in clubs who are just there to get attention and to get simps to buy them drinks. I usually tell guys to avoid clubs. This is the worst place to pick up girls. Clubs are usually crowded, the music is loud as hell so you can’t even hear what you are saying to the girl and there are too much women in there who are on some attention whore stuff. Also there is this fake vibe that people give off when it comes to clubbing. I’m not saying you can’t pull a girl at the club but it will be more beneficial to hit up a bar, lounge, or a networking party where you can actually have a conversation with a girl and you guys can hear each other speak.

Is sleeping with two 5’s just as good as sleeping with a 10?

It depends on if the 5’s have a fat ass lol. Seriously though I think men should try to get with the hottest chick they can find.

Sometimes it might be one of those nights where you’re at a spot where all there is are 5’s and no 10’s so you might just slide off with a 5 just for that night. I think we’ve all done that at one time but generally speaking I’d say stick with the 10’s.

So, the truth here… because one of the things you are known for is your realism which we respect. Can any single man get any accessible single woman and if not what should he shoot for?

This is a great question. A man should always have the mindset where he believes that he can get any woman he wants but should also know that he will most likely not get with every woman he wants. I have a saying: “Expect Affection but Accept Rejection”. You should always expect that every woman you want and approach wants to be with you but at the same time you have to accept the fact that you might not get every woman. Some women you approach might have a man, might not be into men and be a lesbian or you might not be her type. The thing is you still need to think and believe that you can get any woman you want because that type of energy will make you more attractive to women.  That type of confidence will draw women to you.

“Expect Affection but Accept Rejection”

The problem is most guys do the opposite. They expect a woman to reject them and by doing this you increase your chances of getting rejected because you are putting your insecurities out there. I talk a lot about this in my book “How to Have Sex With 2 Women a Day”

How can a website like Halloftheblackdragon.com whose main goal is to make average men into extraordinary gentlemen help you help us in upping our game to the next level?

Well you guys can go to my site www.MrLocario.com and sign up for my newsletter. Once you sign up you will get a free copy of my e-book “The Magnificent 10 Crucial Dating Tips for Men.  I have a lot of products on my site like dvd’s, audio’s and my most popular book “How to Have Sex With 2 Women a Day”. I also have 2 other blog sites www.Mrlocariotv.com where you can download my free podcast where I spit game daily. These podcast will definitely step your game up and www.ilooksexynaked.com where you can check out more blogs on sex, dating, relationships and pics of the hottest chicks on the internet.

One last site you can check out is www.thesexypartyshow.com which is my weekly radio show where you can check me out every Saturday 7pm Eastern time on the Go Pro Radio Network.

Any final words for our readers?

First I want to than Halloftheblackdragon.com for this interview and I want to tell all the readers to work on yourself, build your confidence and you will be able to not only accomplish being successful with women but also with anything else you are doing in your life. Also if anyone has any questions you can reach me at askmrlocario@gmail.com

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