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There comes a time when a bad girl meets a really nice guy but feels as if he is “too good for her” and she doesn’t deserve him. Later on down the line when the woman is older she may look back and wonder at the situation and whether or not she should have gone out with that guy because now that she herself has changed, she wonders if her life would have been pain free if she had given him a chance.

Meanwhile the nice guy doesn’t know any of this is going on in her head and what he sees is that a girl who he wanted to love badly did not want to love him back. He moves on to become one of the many guys that are angry at women for loving “bad boys” and finds a woman who he doesn’t like as much.

Many people who are upset with the whole “girls liking bad boys” theme come from the angle of this nice guy where they believe that people can hook up despite their backgrounds. They believe that they would treat the person in a nice respectful way while the bad boy will completely use and abuse that person and eventually ruin her life.

She feels a lot worse about herself than you do…

While a lot of this is true, we have to realize that a relationship has variables and it takes a few uncontrollable things being in agreement for love and attraction to occur. None of us is owed a partner and if you’re trying to turn that bad girl good, you must realize that the bad girl feels worse about herself than you ever possibly could.

To the bad girls – I say that you do deserve the nice guy. Not because you deserve to be saved but because I think that love should happen despite where both sides are coming from. You being street smart, coming from a dark, abusive type of background, could lead to you bringing that nice guy up to speed on a lot of things; whereas he can show you that you can have respect, love, and adoration from a man, without being constantly punished for having the past that you have.

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You would have to compromise; he would have to be an extremely patient person and you would have to check yourself on certain facets that may hurt the poor square. I think that a good relationship can come out of a dynamic like this; it just isn’t an easy one.

It almost seems as if this has been a standard in relationships since the beginning of time since we all seem to chase someone who doesn’t want us, while someone else is there wanting the attention that we aren’t giving to them.

The thrill of the chase but it really isn’t a thrill is it? We all dislike having to fight for someone who we have absolutely no chance at. But we like who we like and in this situation it would be nice if that bad girl would just give the nice guy a try because you never know what could happen and hindsight is a mother.

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