May 31

two men staring at a woman

Believe it or not, men do care whether or not your nose, breasts, butt, or eyes are real. Some men may pretend to not care, and a few actually don’t, but if we’re talking about men in a general sense then you would get a resounding “hell yes” from the populace.

When men talk there tends to be high value placed in women who are blessed with good genes and lovely lady lumps. Women with natural beauty, natural breasts (or a good enough plastic surgeon to fool us) are now called “wife material”, “sexy as hell”, and dare I say “hot”.

There is extra emphasis placed on breasts where an enhanced d-cup walking by will make our eyes go crazy, but a woman with obvious real ones will make the eyes pop even more. It can be confusing to an outside woman watching because it will appear as if all men want them to be big, regardless of if they are naturally that way or if they were augmented. No, men put huge value on real breasts, they damn near brag about them, it’s not uncommon to hear a man talk about it in the following context:

Guy #1: Man my girl is fine as hell, she’s cute, cool as f*** and has a banging body! The breasts are real too!

Guy #2: Seriously? I thought they were fake.

Guy #1: Mannnn if only you knew, they’re real bruh!

Guy #2: Damn!

If you’re a healthy B cup, you have more chances of a guy taking you serious than a fake perky C. Let me go into detail for you girls in the crowd; I am not talking about the dude going through a mid-life crisis; the guy who buys his girlfriend fake breasts because he can’t accept her as-is. I am talking about regular men who are looking for a life-partner. There is still one caveat however…

If it looks and feels real then men will love it all the same

You know that us men are physical, shallow creatures who look more to what’s on the surface than what’s beneath right? If any enhancements you get to your body looks and feels like the real deal, our minds will accept it. Just don’t tell us the truth. Just like fake pectorals, fake calves and penile enhancement… there are things we men do to compete in the perfection Olympics without telling anybody.

sophia loren and marilyn monroeBut this isn’t meant to be a negative look at enhancements to the female (or male) body, it is a choice but this question does come up a lot. Do men really care, or is it better to just get the biggest pair of breasts that money can buy and immediately land a man for doing it? Some guys don’t care, hell a woman with a bad augmentation who dresses like a million bucks will get absolutely no fight out of a man if she wants him. It’s just that we argue for the natural, because ideally we would prefer them all to be so.

Many men derive their opinion from their first experience with fake breasts. A man who gets to feel a well done job will love and support them whereas a man who feels on a botched up job will be scarred for life. It makes me wonder if the flip-side is the same way about this too… ladies would you be highly upset if you found out that your man’s rock hard pectorals are fake?

At the end of the day it is up to you as an individual to judge whether getting enhanced will help you in life (confidence, fitting it, covering up scars or disease)  because you own your body and it is yours to do whatever you feel with it. Guessing if a man will accept you for them or not is miniscule in the grand scheme of things and as I stated before it isn’t a deal-breaker, just choose a good plastic surgeon who can make you look… and feel like a million bucks.

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  • George Bullock

    This article is so misguided. If breasts, hair or nails or anything is fake, it is usually a turnoff for a sophisticated man.