Apr 12

tired workout

With the new year firmly in place I see a ton of people on Facebook making bets and resolutions to drop X lbs by Y date. It’s admirable to take on a fitness goal but if you have done something like this recently I must warn you…

Fitness and losing weight as an adult is neither quick or long lasting like you assume it is. You don’t lose weight and keep it off without maintenance and if you have not developed the discipline to change your eating habits, workout habits, and ability to resist urges by the time you lose those X lbs guess what will happen? It will come back on you faster than a rubber band that has been stretched.

When selecting a goal for fitness it is better to look at that end date that you announce as the first in many “end dates” and acknowledge that this resolution is not just for the new year, its ongoing for life. Choose small attainable goals and take them seriously and as you reach them your Facebook family will cheer you on the way you want them to.

Choosing lofty goals and then posting daily about them will make people assume you will fail and you will. Every Facebook announcement I saw last year for weight loss has yielded a rather unsuccessful end and I’m not exaggerating. You can announce your plans to get support but you need to be realistic.

Consider this plan for the person who hates working out, loves fatty foods and wants to get “sexy”:

  • Goal: lose 10 lbs in a month.
  • Sacrifice: No more sweet drinks only water.
  • Exercise: Run/walk every weekend.
  • Exercise goal: Run half a mile straight.

Something as menial as the above graph is realistic, attainable and most importantly it is easy to maintain! After reaching that goal you can beef it up to accelerate progress:

  • Goal: Keep losing weight while developing strength for the summer.
  • Sacrifice: I will no longer eat till I’m full – going to cut every meal in half.
  • Exercise: Jogging 3 times a week, morning push ups (goal: 3 sets of 30-50).
  • Exercise goal: Get more vascular while continuing to lose weight.

As people see change and more importantly the signs that you are serious about your regiment, they will offer support, ask you questions, and will give you the feedback that you seek. Most importantly your life, weight, and physical fitness will not only improve but will stay stable throughout.

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