Mar 08

In the macho camp there is an ongoing argument as to whether dancing makes a man look gay or not. Whether this is important means absolutely nothing, being that we have many of these such arguments within the man culture and they have been the basis of many so called man laws that seem more to reflect a frat boy sort of mentality than a gentleman.

Some of the most macho men have danced; some of our idyllic fictional macho men would dance. I think of Dos Equis’ mascot, The Most Interesting Man In The World, and with as much adventuring and traveling that he has done, to have him not dance just doesn’t seem right, now does it? The man is a man of culture, dance is cultural, you see my point? So maybe dancing isn’t your thing. This does not make it any less masculine than having sex with a woman. In actuality many women equate the way you move on the dance floor with how you would perform when you make love.

So playing the wall with your two-step, or just bobbing your head to the beat will yield you less results than if, for example, you were to take one of the ladies out on the floor and spin her head around. Although now in my older years I barely dance or even pursue any of the new trendy dances, I will say that I do believe that dancing is freeing. It is something that is natural to us as human beings. Just look back to the past at many of our ancestors and the drums, string instruments and songs they used. Music is a universal human expression and accompanying the instruments is the movement of the body ie: dance.

The soul expresses itself through the body, so who are we to forsake it from being free? I believe that everybody should dance, whether you’re good at it or not, you should still try. It is such good therapy that I cannot express how important it is. For workout enthusiasts nothing feels better than dancing the entire night away with a lovely woman in your arms, sweat beating down your chest, and going home with your pants wet from sweat. With heart thumping and the liquor evaporating from the hours of work you had put in on the dance floor, of course you got her number and of course she will answer the call when you make it. Do you know why? It’s because more often than none you would have turned her on and she remembers the fact that, not only are you a good dancer, but you danced the entire night with her. Not many guys will do that.

So dancing being an act that renders a man gay? You can form your own opinion, but for me dancing is as natural as walking, jumping and swimming. No it’s not exclusive to gay men, dancing is  for everybody.

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