Aug 06

black woman gymDermatologists have said that it is not a good idea for a woman to wear makeup to the gym due to the clogging of pores and other forms of nastiness that occurs. But as we know, the penchant for looking good and the chance at snagging a dude can far outweigh health when it comes to our choices.

So you’re seeking a Channing Tatum clone and decide that joining a gym is the place to find him. You’ve been watching the London Olympics and notice that the women are wearing makeup to complement their six-pack abs and 3% body fat – so you do the same expecting results.

Sorry ladies, but most of you are not Olympians competing on the highest platform in the world for gold. You cannot use the make-up worn by Veronica Campbell-Brown, Carmelita Jeter or Venus Williams as your excuse for being painted up while walking on a treadmill while simultaneously texting your girl about the “fine dude” curling in the squat rack. Why not? Well he already notices that you are out of place and thirsty. And men are normally a bit turned off by desperate women.

Remember that men in a gym are building their bodies and with an attractive body comes a bit of an ego. No Channing Tatum is going to chase down some soft-bodied, poseur, disturbing his workout to have a chat.

Do you know who the guys that go hard in the gym are more likely to be attracted to (if you truly go to the gym to find a man)? They are attracted to the girls that are similar to them, the go-hards that are wearing ear-buds, tight yoga pants, sensible makeup (if any) and working out to improve their health and fitness; not the women who are obviously in there looking for a date.

If you’re attracted to muscular men who are about their fitness/health, then you will have to appear as if you are a part of the culture if you intend to meet one at the gym.

When the painted stalker chick comes into a gym to be picked up, most of the regulars will spot her from a mile away. The women who join gyms looking for dates rarely last 2-weeks and most of them know this, so talking to you seems more a waste of time than anything else. Men who work out and like the bodies on women built like Jillian Michaels, Jennifer Nicole-Lee, or Cathe Friedrich, are not going to even glance at you. Save the dolling up and posing for the night club.

This Doesn’t Apply To All Women

Now, this doesn’t mean that every woman with make-up on is guilty of the thirst. Many serious gym rats wear minimal make-up like eye-liner, a touch of mascara and a little something on their lips. Not every woman is a natural beauty and some are very self-conscious about leaving the house 100% natural. I have seen women with makeup on doing the damn thing hardcore and it was quite obvious that attracting a man was the last thing on their mind. So don’t assume this article is a shot at all women in makeup.

There are a lot of unnecessary things in the gym to piss off a serious lifter in the first place and most guys banging weights are in there to look better for their own personal reasons. The only guys scamming on women in the gym, are the regulars who spend an hour on a set and hang out in the gym a lot longer than they should. In other words losers, and if you think that being dolled up won’t get one of these guys latching unto you, you’re in for a very rude awakening.

Gyms are for working out so remember this the next time you decide it will be prime hunting ground for a good man.

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  • If I have on makeup I will not wash my face before the gym. But I refuse to waste my makeup and swaet it off in the gym. These women are stupid and delusional. I meet/have met guys everywhere especially when I look a mess and think I will run in and out a store real quick.

    ** Note: in NY being over dressed is a crime and you dont see many people full faced often. So the gym is very very very extra to me.