Sep 22


By now, you have gotten your fill of the public stoning of Baltimore Ravens, once, star running back Ray Rice. He is the newest media hamburger: stacked, grilled, beefy, and ready to feed any writer that needs an article—like yours truly on this Monday night. Rice is facing charges (legally and otherwise) for jabbing his wife in the face, in a Las Vegas elevator. This happened back in February, but recently, he was put on blast, by a leaked TMZ video.

Meanwhile, in bigger news, we have more be-headings going on, police publicly executing black boys in the street, and a disease outbreak that will make the oh-so-coveted Zombie Apocalypse look like the flu. However, the NFL is back in season, the players make more money in a year, than we will ever see in a lifetime, so we all focus on them. It is about awareness after all. Right?

The incident on the leaked video was hard to watch, but so is any attack that is meant to cause harm – especially when one party is NFL caliber strong, and the other isn’t Gina Carano, scrappy. The video stunned America into actually giving a crap about domestic violence for a whole week, after we had convinced ourselves that it all went away, once Chris Brown was shamed into becoming a full-on thug. I guess these SJW’s ain’t loyal. It’s hard not being cynical when you know that the end-result to all of this brouhaha is absolutely nothing.

That’s right, nothing will change. Do you want to know why? Well, I will tell you. There are people who will hit you when they don’t get their way, and there are people who won’t – especially if you are smaller, and weaker. If you are in a relationship with the former, and you have an incident, there is a good chance that that person is going to hit you. Like I said, some people go to the fist, when they are at a breaking point, some do not. I really don’t think you can shame a puncher of loved ones into not punching loved ones, when they get upset.

“Where was all the media attention for Christy Mack?”

Nevertheless, what do I know, maybe you can. I’m sure that if Rice’s wife comes at him again in the future with something that he doesn’t like, he’s going to think “wait, the last time I punched her, I lost a lot of money, my job turned their back on me, and people on Twitter stopped liking me.” I think that’s going to happen, and it will save her life. I’m sure it will!

I could easily be one of those bloggers that will run out an op-ed, pretending that I am at the battered woman’s shelter every weekend making it rain. But, I’m not. I am not overly concerned, they are not overly concerned, and many of you are not overly concerned, and that right there is the problem. In a perfect world when a woman or man is attacked, that person would seek help, but more times than none, they do not. Leaving family is not as easy as calling a hotline, going next door, or skipping town. Many people are stuck, and no amount of outrage over celebrities will change any of that.


NFL Wives Get Support But What About Porn Stars?

If you don’t know who Christy Mack is, just take a look at the image above. That’s who Christy Mack was before a product of America’s beloved MMA stardom, beat, and attempted to rape, and murder her, after catching her with another man. Where was all the media attention for Christy Mack? Sure, there was a little noise around the naughtier areas of Twitter, and a few websites, but nothing on the scale of the Rice video. The larger media ignored this brutal beating, probably because porn isn’t as sexy as the NFL—though, I beg to differ.

Here is a look at what “War Machine” did to the beauty you saw before.


So, I wonder. Why is it that the Christy Mack and War Machine situation flies by so silently in the public’s eye? Is it because female porn stars deserve to be pounded by their jealous boyfriends? Is it because MMA is not mainstream enough for people to demand the same things that I am hearing them demand from the NFL? Or, is it because the NFL is extremely black? I am not saying that I believe the reason to be any of these things, but having seen some vicious domestic violence incidents slide by quietly this year, I wonder what makes the Ray Rice situation so sexy to people.

Perhaps Christy Mack needed a video of War Machine going ape on her in his attempted murder—leaked to TMZ—for people to react.

My point in all of this is to say that no matter how many organizations use this incident to get a paycheck, get their names out there, and distract you, they will not be doing as much as you can do to help those who need you. The donations, the awareness, and the bravery to take action when you see it, lies on all of us, moving forward. Shaming alone will not cut it.

There will be a time when you are able to step in, and help a person who is a victim to abuse, and it is then that you can prove me wrong in my assertions. Saving a person’s life should not earn you the loaded label of “white knight”, “boy scout”, or “hero” as much as it should earn you the label of “human being”. So let’s stop pretending to give a damn, and actually do. It shouldn’t matter that the person is a millionaire, or a girl that lives next door.

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  • Antonio M. Daniels

    I will continue to raise awareness and provide support for those who are victims of domestic violence. I appreciate the careful way in which you approached this issue by bringing awareness to those victims who don’t have the advantage of being in a high-profile relationship to garner nationwide attention. In minority communities, especially black and brown communities, men have to understand that abusing women is unacceptable. This is an issue that deserves our national focus, and it transcends race and class, considering people from all backgrounds have been victims of domestic violence.