Sep 25

mayweather boxing

When you win at a sport it is one thing to thank your god and your support base for your success but why is it okay to downplay all of your individual effort and hard work? I’ve written many times about how offensive it is for a wage slave to call an entrepreneur “lucky” for anything that the entrepreneur receives and I believe the same goes for a non-athlete assuming that an Olympian is lucky to receive a gold medal.

When you accomplish a goal and chalk it up to luck on your victory speech I think that you do yourself and anyone looking up to you a disservice. This especially goes for those who pretend to be humble in order to spare themselves the scrutiny of people who use words like “cocky”.

Listen up athletes, grinders and winners, you are allowed to be cocky if you can and will back it up!

Sure there is a sort of reverence given to the strong, silent types who accept their wins with grace and keep their victory speeches to a minimum, thanking those who helped them get there… but this doesn’t mean that it is the only way to be.

The rub for being cocky seems to stem from the people who cannot tell the difference between true confidence and false bravado. If that is the case I would say look at the accolades, the history, and the potential of the supposed “cocky” person and if it isn’t deserved then you can talk down on them until the cows come home. But if that champion has persevered, even under the test of fire then you should allow them to be cocky because they’ve earned it.

cocky usain bolt

At the London Olympics a lot of people talked down on Usain Bolt for being cocky – a persecution he has been branded with for posing in his Zeus Thunderbolt stance, proclaiming himself the best, and dancing in the blocks when the cameras are on him. But with the shattering of world records, flying past the competition, and being absolutely freaky… who are you to question Bolt’s swagger?

So if you feel strong, unstoppable, at the top of your game, and able to defend it against any on comers then I say don’t let the spectators sober your pride. Stick your chest out, bellow your war cry and tell them to come at you because they will fall at your feet like broken rain drops.

Own your cockiness and let them tell you that you haven’t earned it. Because if you are truly at the top of your game, then all they can do is admire your ability to back it up.

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