Jan 24

travolta simping

Recently a leaked email was circulating on the internet by former crapper Lil Bow Wow (Shad Moss) where he’s practically pouring his heart out to a video girl to be his lady. Of course the court of public opinion spared no opportunity on clipping his balls and calling him every sort of bitch and punk in the urban dictionary but it made me think – who are we fooling?

bow wow textHere’s a pro-tip for those of you paying attention; the smoothest, coolest, most ass-getting bastards you know in your life have probably pushed all-in for a girl at one time or another. For some guys this is their trade secret.

You may ask them advice and they will respond like a hard-rock but on the text messages they are all “baby, baby, baby, i’m here for you when you need me baby” in order to score some alone time with the hottest women. The difference between these guys and Shad is that his business got aired out.

Let me explain something to you…

If you don’t have game, have never had game, and are wanting to know a little more than you do now – do not be one of the guys laughing at men who go hard. Pouring your heart out to a woman that you foresee as yours is not a shameful thing – unless you break man laws and make it your entire being.

What you do for a woman’s attention in the privacy of your letters, emails, or texts is your business and most guys don’t pull women by texting “bitch I want your ass, come here”. We need to be honest with ourselves gentlemen, and we need to ask ourselves why is it okay to carry on the facade that we are as hard with our women as we are with one another.

Most guys are simps when it comes to love

Simp (Hall definition) – A simple man who acts like a pimp (read: tough) in front of the guys but is really the bitch in the relationship.

You’ve seen the caricature of the simp, hell that depiction is why many of us act the way we do (hard in front of the boys only to apologize to the lady once we get home), it’s not a good look.

Simping is influenced by a culture that shames men for being sensitive in any way – even towards the women we love. Simping tells us to “act a part” instead of “play a part” and it leads to emails like the one Bow Wow sent being lauded as punkish.

Look if you’re really into a girl, have made special care to accept rejection if it comes, then it is quite okay to go traditional and proclaim your love for her. The only thing we ask is that as a man you don’t resort to begging, pleading, crying, or catching a tantrum if she flips over your cards and embarrasses you for it.

At least you gave it your all – That is what you can take from it and there is no allusions to bitch-mode in that very thought.

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