Jun 07

bruce lee vs kareem

All through life we are told not to judge a book by it’s cover yet big guys are still intimidating to people for some reason. Some short guys even think life as a big man would be better because it automatically will make them seem tough to the world.

What if someone calls your bluff?

While this may be true when it comes to perception, it is still very dangerous for a giant when you come across someone who knows that size has little to do with combat.

dolph lundgren the beastEditor’s note: Before I explain more, please allow me to clarify one thing. The big man I reference in this article is not a Dolph Lundgren (ie: a well-trained martial artist panther with some skill), I am referring to “regular” big guys who were born both tall and husky but lack the training to back-up their false sense of toughness.

To further illustrate my point that the intimidating big man is a worthless reaction, let me give you a few disadvantages of being a big man:

  1. Knees – When you’re big, your legs are both an advantage and a disadvantage. Let a trained fighter cut them out from under you and you’re toast. This is why on Youtube fights when you see thugs scrapping, the short guy normally moves in, lifts the giant, and puts him on his back. Trade secret folks, tall guys must get slammed.
  2. Little to no experience fighting – Most big guys were respected in the school yard so their experience with fighting is minimal. This is why you kids getting bullied should understand that your bully probably doesn’t have the skill needed to fend you off if you really go back at him.
  3. All reach, no inside game – Being tall gives you a lot of weapons when someone is outside of your comfort zone; you can throw punches, kicks, chairs, whatever and shorter people cannot swap blows with you. Let one of these short people get inside of your reach however and you are instantly that person’s bitch. Don’t believe me, ask a boxer, it’s a guaranteed science.
  4. False confidence – Lots of big guys pick up this false sense of bravado because no one has checked them on it throughout their lives; therefore when it comes time to fight… many of them realize all too late that they don’t have the tools to back up their words.

So as you can see there are a lot of disadvantages to being big guy, but as I prefaced, it does not include well-trained fighters. Don’t let some punk disrespect you just because he’s on the north side of 6 feet and has decided to lift some weights.

Check out the first few seconds of this video…

Charles Barkley is a lot shorter than Shaquille O’Neal but Sir Charles knows how to fight!

Everything is even when it comes time to dance and if you can close the gap while avoiding his slow haymakers, you will be quite surprised how fast he folds when you’re doing damage to his innards.

If you’re a big guy reading this I urge you to do what I have done in life, despite the martial training, and that is to play it cool, avoid conflict when possible and emit an aura of confidence.

When it gets to the point of no return, don’t just backup your words with action, but completely obliterate your opponent before they have time to get inside and play MMA games with you.

There is no automatic win based on size in a fight and the less you know about your opponent, the more dangerous he will be. Don’t let the height stop you from stepping up when it’s needed.

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  • Trevor

    There is advantages for both-being tall and being short. If you are 6foot tall or under, congratulations because you will rarely get insecure guys trying to ‘çompete’ with you on the streets. Being 6’3 or a bit over with shoes on and 120kgs in fairly good shape I get this often. Im sure other big guys can relate. Its a pain in the a** after a while believe me. The usual thing is the chest to pop out walking towards you and then sometimes trying to eye ball you. I dont look like a fighter either and have a fairly friendly face and mostly humble disposition. You learn to combat it by avoiding eye contact and just going about your business unless you are talking to someone. Its not all gravy being tall-and thats only at 6’3 lol.