Dec 05


Friends are the select group of people that you choose to have in your life. Often time your friends are the ones you call with a crisis… even before family. Not to be confused with associates, which are those people you hang out with in good times but in bad are missing in action. Friends are few and far between and when you find real ones you’ll know.

So what I can’t understand is why people put their friends (and sometimes family) on the back burner until they are in need. Your girl breaks up with her man and now she’s creating a puddle on your sleeve. Meanwhile this is the same girl that you haven’t seen in months. This happens way too often among women. They get in relationships and that is all that matters… That is until something is wrong in the relationship.

But I don’t want to limit this to just women. A lot of people in general are just bad with relationships. They put on the blinders and continue in the rat race. You always have this idea of later. Once I finish my degree, get my money right, get my stuff together I will have time for them.

What if later never comes? What if your only chance is now and you missed it on stuff that frankly will never be “right”?

Life is very funny. You only get one and you never know about tomorrow. Relationships come and go; Marriages have ups and downs; your children grow up and don’t need you anymore.

Now if you are smart the common thread that gets you through it all should be your friends (including those few family members that fall into this category). We all have things going on in our lives and may consume our attention and energy. But relationships require effort. Who knows you may look up one day and wish you had that friendship that may or not be there when you are ready.

Maintain your relationships people!!!

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