Sep 21

The title says it all, when you have a passion (which you should), oft times you don’t end up working in that field. While everyone is not entrepreneur material, it is a good idea to keep your focus squarely on what it is that you really want to do.

Getting to that goal is it’s own article but what I do know is that the daily grind will blur ones vision. Before you know it you become that salty employee, mad that your co-worker makes $1,000 more than you and mad that your boss hasn’t acknowledged all the extra effort you’ve put in a month before your review (heh).

What not to do at your job:

Tell others your dream: Nothing is more of a buzz kill than telling your dreams to disgruntled employee guy. The pats on the back and encouragement that you seek will not be returned. What you will get instead is a lot of hate or people who want to one-up you.

The other thing is – if you don’t succeed in attaining your passion, the people you told will be there to remind you how much you suck and are a failure.

Get mad at others that have achieved their goal: Don’t be that cliche employee please, everybody else is and it says a lot about your character when you get mad at others for getting to where you want to be.

Throw it in everyone’s face when your ship comes in: Really you should only burn bridges that you 100% know will not need to be crossed again. Then again you never know who knows who and how it can come back to haunt you. Just keep it quiet and classy. Oh and good job!

Keeping focus on your passion

The drive behind your focus is a personal one but the things you do to stay the course can be borrowed from others. One thing I do to focus is to keep reminders within range at all times during my life.

  1. Keep encouraging people in your life and divorce yourself from those who would belittle or bring you down.
  2. Keep your goals in a visual place, I prefer an itemized list prioritized by difficulty and length of time. Having this handy will prevent you from becoming complacent in your job, especially if things are going well in your life.
  3. Keep reading about others in your dream profession and what they did to get there.
  4. Keep your resume, portfolio and website updated so that when opportunity knocks, you’re packed and ready to take advantage.

That’s it, see the key word is focus. Out of sight is indeed out of mind. If you want to change directions, you do better to become somewhat obsessed and jump on it immediately. Snooze and your day job becomes your life.

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