Aug 18



Oh, the Summer of Love. No, I’m not talking about that San Fran hippie love fest back in 67’. I’m talking about using Tinder, a mobile dating app to find potential local flings during the sweltering dog days of summer. Although I guess you can say 2014’s Summer of Love is definitely redefining the dating game and is slowly building itself as a social phenomenon.

For those who are unfamiliar with Tinder, it’s essentially the shallowest form of a location based dating service as you shuffle through pictures of your desired gender and solely judge them based on their pictures. With an emphasis on physical attraction, it cuts the bullshit of getting to know somebody and boils down to the human’s most biological urge of reproducing with a mate (hottie) they find attractive. Is it lackadaisical? Yeah. Is it superficial? Hell yeah it is. But using this ‘Hot or Not’-esque system to weed out prospective lovers in a sea full of fish makes it seem sorta ‘genuine’ when masked behind a sleek interface of a mobile application. The app is so genuine that it’s been a hit during the past Winter Olympics. Professional snowboarder Jamie Anderson even stated that “Tinder in the Olympic Village is next level”. Granted, Olympic Village has always been a hotbed for hookups and Olympic athletes probably don’t need an app to be able to hook up, but it’s the idea that they’re able to begin to spark something up behind a phone.

“…most of us, including yours truly, use Tinder to boast our egos once we get notified that someone swiped right on us. Once again, just as other social media platforms like Facebook are concerned, we really just like the idea of seeing how many ‘likes’ and ‘matches’ we can accumulate.”

We are all seriously spoiled living in this new media age where everything, particularly pointless shit, is just so damn accessible from our smart phones. Aside from looking up what movies Tom Hardy was in before Inception, our smart phone can now help us look up someone eagerly available within a few miles who will take us past 3rd base. The new media age really signifies that we’re way deep into our own instant gratification, and Tinder does exactly that. Swipe left, swipe right, move on. But even with this new age dating app, people still tend to take Tinder a little too seriously. You should view Tinder as just another fun app that everyone is getting in on. Just like Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat, we really don’t NEED these social apps, it’s just something to do to pass the time when you’re at the DMV. You don’t even have to get involved and talk to your matches, most of us, including yours truly, use Tinder to boast our egos once we get notified that someone swiped right on us. Once again, just as other social media platforms like Facebook are concerned, we really just like the idea of seeing how many ‘likes’ and ‘matches’ we can accumulate.

For me, I treat Tinder just like a newly discovered dive bar that’s full of thirsties, weirdos, and drama queens…and that’s the beauty of it. You should go into it with no strings attached, no expectations, and just see what flocks your way. And just like an actual bar situation, with Tinder, you’ll find yourself swinging and missing when talking to women. You wouldn’t stop going to the bar just because a girl doesn’t give you her number right? You can act like yourself or go for a completely different approach. If you’re normally shy, go ahead and try being upfront. Have fun with it. Occasionally you’ll see a woman’s profile that reads, “Not here for a hook-up, just here to meet new people”. Don’t freak out too much and immediately brush her off. She could be using it as a shield as there’s already a negative stigma attached to online dating. Dealing with a well-guarded and prude match on Tinder could really be a blessing in disguise. Use that opportunity to adjust your game or tease around. You could end up being blocked by her, but you may find the chase exciting as some guys just enjoy being able to snag the good girl next door.

It’s evident that both men and women have different viewpoints on love. Yes, men care about ‘the feeling’, while women care about their feelings, but at the end of the day Tinder has allowed us to mix it up and have us rethink how we can go about dating. There’s low-risk for using Tinder because as my previous dive bar reference stated, just as long as you don’t too much emphasis on trying to get laid that night and have fun, you’ll be fine. Although the high reward for using Tinder is that you could eventually be playing the role of a paramour…or you could end up with a fairy tale ending and find your soul-mate. Just as long as you don’t take Tinder so seriously dude. 

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  • ANON

    How sad to read this; The opening paragraph was absolutely astounding.This is absolute rubbish and sounds like it was written by a 14 year old.
    Your viewpoint on this sounds as shallow as the application you are reviewing.
    If this is meant to be taken seriously as advice for finding a partner it’s going in the wrong direction. As an older mature man, I thought that we were supposed to be basing finding a partner for a meaningful and lasting relatioship (that’s the way I and many other men see this) not some shallow approach which reduces the ‘dating game’ as you call it down to some way to turn tricks which end in one night stands.
    This seems to be a very American way of and very cynical way of viewing things. I am very disspointed in the wesbsite after reading this and will not be subscribing any more.
    A very sahllow apporach which insults men and women by reducing all of them to mere objects to be browsed on a phone.

    • Andrew

      Please see article title.

      I understand your perspective that all relationships should indeed be meaningful, but Tinder (for better or for worse) does have a reputation for being a hook-up app. Sure this may be the stereotypical American way of doing things, but know that Tinder’s popularity has now reached new heights in Europe. Not to mention this is more of an app that millennials dabble with. That’s not to say that an actual meaningful relationship couldn’t develop through this app. It’s just another new venue for people to find potential partners, and as long as they’re happy, it shouldn’t matter where you meet your significant other.

      Perhaps I’ll write about a family friendly dating service on eHarmony to better serve your taste next time.