Oct 19
car sex

As you can see… this guy paid for dinner

Nobody likes to be told what they are “supposed to do” on a date especially when the person making up the rules is the sole benefactor. Women who say that a man should always pay for the date, always be chivalrous, always bend over backwards, etc., etc., are the same women upset when we tell guys to try and get the panties on the first date!

If a man is to court a woman then the courtship should be voluntary, not a step by step process ordained by some “relationship expert” on a feminist blog or website. Just like a guy didn’t tell his woman how to cook for him or the way she should massage his ego – a man should not be told to pay for dates and kiss a woman’s hand upon meeting her.

Men don’t live by some handbook on “how to make a woman happy”, we’re free thinkers a bit like you ladies are. Our whole existence isn’t about making you feel like the most precious jewel in creation, but we can decide to treat you the way of old school players because we actually like you. We have the independence to be bastards or not and you’ve got the independence to just accept it or deny it.

Just don’t tell me how to get at a woman. Let me be me, that’s what men are asking when we fight back against the feminist chivalry claim.

Your necessities or “standards” come from an illusion or fantasy based on romance. Some men will fit within your mold but the rest of us are going to do what we do and make the most of the situation aka abuse it. Since it’s not one grand rule on courtship, we have freely developed one of our own and no two men will be the same – just respect that.

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