Dec 11


Why exactly are restaurants allowed to undercut waiting staff in lieu of tips? Think about it, you get paid peanuts to play servant to random people in order to roll the dice on whether or not they will pay you 5-20% of what they ate. In the meantime your place of employ benefits from your hard work, probably raises it’s prices, and moves to pay you less since their increasing popularity means that your job is now in high demand. They can hire a cheaper you for half your salary! It’s like food prostitution with the owners of restaurants being a bunch of Iceberg Slims.

Bad tipping makes you look low class, and unsophisticated”

Personally as a patron I would like for restaurants to be forced into showing the average wages of the waiting staff and indicate whether or not they are allowing the staff to pocket their tips. Having seen enough places that force people to split their tips, toss it in with the bill, and other gimmicks to pad their bottom line, I am not so sure anymore if tipping is truly going to the people who helped me enjoy my meal. When you work in any atmosphere where the lazy and the hard-working are forced to share from the same pot you know that it fosters a culture of mediocrity. We know how much the food is supposed to cost, so why not tell us where the “bonus” will be going.

Right now the IRS is making moves  to change tip tricks like “gratuity included” when it comes to a table with more than 5 people. If you are like me and you tip decently whenever you go out to eat, how would you feel if you knew that the tip is not given to the waiting staff, and you still have to pay it? I know how I’d feel… I would never go to that hole to eat again. This is why I feel no sympathy for the restaurants who pull this stunt now that big brother is stepping in to wet his beak.

Starting in January, the Internal Revenue Service will begin classifying those automatic gratuities as service charges—which it treats as regular wages, subject to payroll tax withholding—instead of tips, which restaurants leave up to the employees to report as income.SOURCE

I wonder how they will finagle this to screw their staff? Only time will tell. Tipping was never a huge concern of mine until a bad tipper buddy of mine (let’s call him “tender tip”) started arguing with me when I showed him the error of his ways. After seeing a number of exposes on restaurants who use the tip as an angle to screw both their staff and their patrons he felt justified in flying way below the 15% margin of tipping. My counter to him was that many waiters relied on their tip and since his stomach was plump from ordering plates, he should lay down some coin and stop being cheap. If we both knew that the waiter was not truly getting the tip, then I would have no dog in the fight and would join him in saving my money.

What I wanted “tender tip” to realize is how a bad tipper looks to those of us who tip anyway. Bad tipping makes you look low class, and unsophisticated. It reeks of being in a place so selfish that the thought of shelling out a few extra dollars to a servant is beyond you. It would be different if you just didn’t have it, but if you have it and tip badly anyway, we start to think less of you without even realizing it. On the flip side, I imagine that the kid who grew up with the parents who never tipped look at tippers as idiots and money wasters. How odd…

People like tender tip need that sign to tell them where their $3.00 is going! But until we get to that point where the cheaters are made to be transparent about their practices I will continue to get the tip.

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