Apr 17

We’re not only writers, we’re readers and below are some of the highlights of the past few weeks that we wish to share:

The Conundrum of Watching Fine Women Play Basketball

Is our integrity as sports fans on the line if we stop and stare at the beautiful women that play the game of basketball? Should we be able to keep it together as the national championship is decided before our very eyes? Are we just heathens? Probably, but this is nothing new in the world of sport […]

Is She Fat Or Thick? Who Gives A F**K

What’s the difference between thick and fat? Who decides when the PH replaces the F? The Answer is: Who gives a fuck. There is a debate in America over the weight of a woman, and what’s attractive and what’s not. Black people in general have become the punch line when it comes to a little more cushion for the pushing. Kristie Alley famously proclaimed her love for Black men after she lost her Cheers figure. Lisa Lampanelli’s entire stand up is built around Black men wanting to do her. In the past ten years or so White women have used this notion of big is okay because the Blacks said so, not necessarily as a racist joke, but as empowerment to be comfortable in their skin.  That’s a good thing […]

Divorce Can Make Things Better

I went through the divorce mill and came out the other side feeling better for it. However, it was not plain sailing. The breakup was tough, really tough. Firstly, I was shocked to learn that my wife was having an affair. It hit me like a train; I was torn apart. Secondly, divorce was not in my script at all, so when I saw my marriage crumbling beyond repair after nearly twenty years together and three kids, I was totally disoriented […]

7 Reasons to Not Date Me (The Great Catch Myth)

Ever notice how most single people like to consider themselves a great catch? Well, I call BS. I mean, if everyone was as dope as they thought they were then there wouldn’t be so many single people, right? Now before anyone turns up their nose thinking this is one of “those” posts let me finish. Today, I want to try a little social experiment where people take a long hard look deep inside themselves to see what’s “wrong” with them—myself included. So no “I’m perfect” responses allowed, I want everyone to keep it all the way 100. Y’all with me? Aiight, I’ll set it off with the seven reasons not to date me” […]

Lose The Ratchets, Keep Your Man

So I was over at the Black Girls Are Easy blog (I highly recommend btw) and started reading “Is It Right To Take Another Girl’s Man” where he basically goes into the steps and techniques necessary to steal away someone else’s love interest. Let me start by saying I find it humanly impossible to “steal” a person. If your dude has a stray eye and another chick catches it and runs away with it, you never had dude to begin with. […]

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