Aug 17

dragon bites

We’re not only writers, we’re readers and below are some of the highlights of the past few weeks that we wish to share:

Sexism, Racism, And Swimming At The London 2012 Olympics – I’ve been a little taken aback this week at the level of racism against China in the British and US media, and on longer-than-usual comment threads on various friends’ Facebook walls. I mean, I know that racism in sport and in the media is nothing new… (Racialicious)

What is Your Secret To Body Confidence? – Since body confidence comes from trusting and loving your body, it would make sense that I had none of it. Especially at that time in my life. I was geeky and weird. Way too transparent. Intellectually smart but dumb in common sense. (Frugivore)

You Don’t Call Until You Want Something – Stop telling lies about being “so busy” all the time.  You can find the time to call someone just to say hello or check on them on your way to work or to the store.  Even if you let a person know you don’t have but a few minutes to talk, this will show them you’re interested in them more than just for what they can do for you.  (Paiedeia)

There Is A Clear Difference Between Being From The Hood and Being a HOOD RAT – I responded back to the woman who made the comment, but after I really thought about it I realized that maybe she was confusing the idea of being from the hood with being a hood rat. (Ashy2Classy)

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    • Anytime. With this new section I hope to share more of your excellent writing in the future,