Mar 29

Dragon Bytes 2013

We’re not only writers, we’re readers and below are some of the highlights of the past few weeks that we wish to share:

Shatter Unnecessary Comfort Zones – About three years ago, I had one of the most exciting experiences of my life: I went kayaking.  As someone who cannot swim, the thought of kayaking is something I would have never imagined I would do.  One of my best friends, Dr. Renaldo Blocker, convinced me to go kayaking, although I was opposed at first.  Even though I knew there were some potential risks associated with kayaking, I did not allow those risks to prevent me from having a truly fun adventure… (REVPAID)

The Side Chick Chronicles~ Part One – Let’s not be coy, infidelity has become the new normal. So for all the side chicks, aspiring side chicks and side chicks who don’t know they’re side chicks this is for you. I encourage the “main chick” to follow my story as well, just as a precautionary measure so you know what you are potentially up against. (BMARIE)

The Feminine Imperative – Circa 1300 – For all of the influence that the church exerted in using chivalry as a social contract, it was primarily a contract played out amongst men. With the notable exceptions of a few select Queens and Jeanne d’Arc, it was only men who had any true social input either publicly or privately during this time. It wasn’t until the mid-thirteenth century that (noble) women would insert their own imperative into the concept of chivalry. (RATIONALMALE)

Calls for Williams sisters to return to Indian Wells are wrong – As a black woman, it has always been difficult for me to find the right words to describe to others the effects of racism on the psyche. To describe what it feels like to be stripped of your dignity and made to feel as if you’re nothing, simply because your skin is of a darker hue. To describe why certain words immediately set you off because there is no way to mask the hateful intent behind them… (SPORTSIL)

The Best Dressed And Most Stylish Men Of 2013 – When men dress sharp they rise above the everyday norm, and stand out from the typical jeans and t-shirt apparel often found in public. And as you know, dressing your best draws in positive attention plus boosts your confidence. It means being aware of your own individual and personal style, and understanding that the first impression often is the most important one. Yet it takes a powerful man to realize what’s fashionable in his age group and attempt to dress above it. (NEXTLUXURY)

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  • Thanks very much for reading my piece and sharing it with your readers! I hope that it will help people move beyond their fears and meet those challenges that we take them to another level of progress.

    • I hope so too… especially people who look like you and I and are hesitant when it comes to doing things that aren’t familiar (ie: rock climbing, hang-gliding, skeet shooting…) Coincidentally I’m going kayaking tomorrow and when we were planning it I saw your article and respected the fact that you did something despite the dangers. I grew up on an island so it won’t be the same for me in terms of the bravery. I think your article is a good wake-up call to the people who walk the line in life.

      • Sadly, too many black people don’t even know what kayaking and skeet shooting are. A fairly educated person revealed to me he didn’t know what kayaking is. I hope your recent kayaking trip was enjoyable.

      • Let’s just say it was an adventure… one which I found out the girlfriend can’t swim… sigh. It was extremely shallow in some areas to where the boat would get lodged in the sand and I would get out and pull us through. On the 3rd or 4th time that bad boy rolled and we were in the river… her life vest was beneath the seat instead of on her person.

        Everyone was okay and we got back in after draining the water and finished the trip but she was visibly shaken. Has to get a new phone too… but what’s an adventure with no danger eh? Would 100% do it again.

      • Wow! She had a real reason to be shook up too. I hope that experience does not keep her from future kayaking experiences.

      • No, she’s a trooper and her swimming lessons will be high on the list of things for me to do this year since we are going overseas late this year.

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    Thank you for taking time to visit my blog!! But more importantly thank you for sharing with your following!!!


    • No problem! I’m a constant lurker of your blog, keep up the good content 🙂