Nov 23

dragon bites

Do We Allow Men To Be The Fathers We Ask Them To Be? – We’re always begging men to step up, complaining about the prevalence of deadbeat, absentee fathers. There are plenty of them; but when there are men who are stepping up, are taking the initiative to care for their children, just like women have been and continue to do… (MNOIRE)

Washington Redskins Alfred Morris Drives The Best Car In The NFL – In something that is on the opposite side of that spectrum, Washing Redskins running back Alfred Morris drives probably the least valuable vehicle in the NFL.  Morris is driving around in a 1991 Mazda 626 sedan, and it’s got a name as people around the Redskins organization call it, “The Bentley”… (SSESSION)

10 Years Later: What I Learned From The Man Who Told Me I Was Not His Ideal Woman – Ten years later, I look back on my short-lived relationship with this man and laugh. My sense of self, my taste in men and what I’ll tolerate from a significant other have all radically transformed. My former boyfriend seems foolish to me now, and it’s hard for me to believe I ever thought otherwise. I don’t know if he has found his half white, half Asian ideal woman. I can’t say I care… (MNOIRE)

Boy, 11, Fights Off Pitbulls To Save 5-Year-Old Sister’s Life – When two pitbulls rushed through the hole of a chain linked fence and attacked an 11-year-old boy and his 5-year-old sister in Dublin, Ga., big brother took charge… (NEWSONE)

Lawsuit filed in Maine West High School hazing case – The freshman was pushed down, held down and sodomized by upper classmen who had pulled down his underwear, Romanucci said. The attorney said the hazing was sanctioned by the soccer team’s coaches. (ABCLOCAL)

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