Sep 20


We’re not only writers; we’re readers and below are some of the highlights of the past few weeks that we wish to share:

Pimps Up – It took me less than three days to finish this fascinating true story of the former pimp, Robert Beck. His way of story telling captured me and made my fascination that much more intense. (I don’t plan on becoming a pimp) This was the first book of many written by Iceberg Slim, of which according to the original publishing house have sold millions upon millions of copies in over eight different languages.  (BRENMARIE)

Eagle point of view – Ever wondered how it feels to fly on the back of an eagle the way that Gandalf, Aragorn and Frodo Baggins did? Well check this out:

How Many Women Are Going Bare “Down There?” – A recent online survey of 2,451 women revealed that pubic hair removal practices are heavily dependent upon age.2 Specifically, whereas the majority of women under age 50 appear to be in the habit of removing at least some pubic hair, most women over age 50 choose to go au naturel.  (SCIENCE)

Why Do We Go Out Of Our Way To Romanticize The Past? – People discuss the people and things of the past like they were this vainglorious period neglecting to look at the downfalls of the people of the past. We big up Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and the founding fathers but we don’t talk want to take into account that many of them owned slaves, had various children out-of-wedlock, and were even hooked on cocaine(What do you think was in them handkerchiefs?.) We speak so highly of many historical figures in African-American history as if they were above the general ideal of being human. It’s if we can’t let a man/woman be great without having any shortcomings. (ASHY2CLASSY)

Somewhere in America… – This is definitely a Miley Cyrus year and though the hate for her is beyond reasoning, her stock continues to rise for it. Click the image below to see photographer Terry Richardson’s work, he has many great images of conservative white America’s worst nightmare aka Miley Cyrus:


Porn Performer With HIV Says Costar Was Bleeding During Shoot – “There were up to 50 people in the room with us. And we were laying on top of them. And they were touching inappropriately,” Bay said. “It all happened so fast. I didn’t realize how unsafe it was until I saw the pictures … You’re on a whole other level when you’re doing something so extreme.” (HUFFWEIRD)

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