Oct 25


We’re not only writers; we’re readers and below are some of the highlights of the past few weeks that we wish to share:

Sex Question Friday: Why Is Being Single So Stigmatized?

As a result of these negative stereotypes, people seem to feel that singlism (the scientific term for prejudice against singles) is justified. In fact, people think it is much more legitimate to discriminate against singles than it is to discriminate against people based upon other personal characteristics (e.g., race, gender, sexual orientation). Consistent with this idea, in one study, participants were asked to evaluate a set of property rental applications and to select they applicant they would prefer to have as a tenant.  (LEHMILLER)

Black man’s burden: myth of the deadbeat

The question put forth to you today is whether or not this unsubstantiated rumor is true? The answer is a resounding “No!” Not only do Black men love their children, and want to be with their children, many go to great lengths trying to secure their “state guaranteed right” to participate in the lives of their offspring, only to be met with constant betrayal at the hands of the all-too-racially & gender-biased family court systems that make up these United States. (AVFM)

Don’t Get Too Distracted by Others’ Goals

Unfortunately, too many of the people who we sacrifice our goals for don’t appreciate what we have done for them.  They elect to criticize us for not being at the level of success they are at and/or for not having accomplished the things we have stated that we desire to do.  Of course, this represents the ultimate slap in the face.  We could have been accomplishing our goals while we were making their dreams come true.  Don’t dwell on how ungrateful these people have been to you.  Take some time to care for the wounds they’ve inflicted on you, and then get to work on executing your goals. (REVOLUTION)

Are you still watching the Food Network?



On thing common to ALL stylish people is their clothes fit them perfectly no matter what their shape or size. The key thing is being honest with yourself and buying appropriately. Too many people are in denial about their size in one way or another, whether they are wearing clothes too small because they don’t admit they have put on a few pounds, or worse still buying clothes too small in the first place. The majority however go too far the other way and embrace the ‘comfort fit’, buying clothes one or even two sizes too big. Get measured up in store and invest in properly fitting clothes. (MITCHELLI)

What do Coca-Cola, Barack Obama and Mila Kunis have in common?

Studies conducted on chimps reveal that primates view things they have as more valuable. In other words, a monkey thinks her cup is better – or more valuable – than an identical cup she doesn’t own. We’re the exact same way. We instinctively like the things we have: this includes relationships, careers, entire lives. And the more we invest ourselves into these things the more important they seem to us. In a related phenomenon, we find the things we pay a heavy price for valuable. (MAN-UP)

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