Sep 11

dragon bites

We’re not only writers; we’re readers and below are some of the highlights of the past few weeks that we wish to share:

What it’s like to be addicted to sex

“Why am I like this?” is the most common question I encounter, as a sex researcher working with hypersexual men. Problems with pornography and cheating have had severely detrimental effects on their lives and they are desperate for a solution. After ruling out bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder as the underlying condition (as high-frequency sexual behaviour is a common symptom of these disorders), this is what I have found. (The Independent)

Does A Man Have To Plan Everything While Dating?

A lady I follow on Twitter whose ideas I usually am in agreement with got me scratching my head. The basis of her series of tweets was that if a man approaches her then he should be prepared to be in the “driver’s seat” the WHOLE time. Following that tweet she mentioned different scenarios in which the man should expect to be in the driver’s seat. For instance, always calling the woman of interest, always planning the dates, and always paying for the dates. (SBM)

Editor’s Note: Another case of some people wanting us to play by 1980’s rules when it’s convenient for the time and pocketbook. I’ve grown tired of this subject but this was a good write-up.

Black People Who Obviously Hate Black People?

You know where to find them. They exist on message boards, Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else they have space to spread their gospel of anti-Blackness disguised as insight and epiphany. Perhaps today they can be found tweeting about how Blacks who excel in school are regularly ostracized by other Blacks. Maybe tomorrow you’ll see them starting and/or sharing shitty memes devised to talk more shit on Black people but disguised as self-determination. Maybe Thursday you’ll see them secreting sentences on how Black women prefer thugs to dudes with nice boatshoes. (VSB)

Editor’s Note: While this article is golden on it’s own (and timely being that my Facebook timeline is a mess with “these types” lately), the comments are worth it even if you disagree. Check it out, scroll down, and enjoy.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Promotion

If you have a kindle and room for a few discounted titles, check out this upcoming promo for the weekend by a collective of authors: These books have all been marked down to $0.99 or FREE for the weekend. Snatch ’em up!

New Street Fighter Announced – Will Nerd Heads Explode?

I’ve written about the ambiguous racism and sexism in nerd culture before, so I won’t go crazy about it today but footage has been leaked of Rashid, one of the newest fighters to the highly anticipated Street Fighter V. Seeing his play style he will very likely be a popular character and should br pretty fun to play.

Speaking of which, how many of you are in the beta? I’ve been playing (whenever they allow us to) and I’m not wholly impressed yet. Seems like Alpha-lite right now and that can go either way. Stay tuned.

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