Sep 15

I’ve been asked many times how it is that I keep up with three blogs of daily content without faltering and taking breaks. The main secret to blogging is preparation, preparation and even more preparation. I keep articles cached for weeks – months ahead while maintaining 1-2 articles a day when I am not vacationing. On this site I share my business advice, relationship advice and the code of man. On Spicy Movie Dogs I review movies (I am a hardcore movie buff) and on 3 God Kings I review and discuss games. On my professional site I share art, design and business advice and I do this without missing out on a bachelor’s life and the mundane routine of work-eat-sleep along with daily work outs.

While my schedule may seem like a nightmare, it is the planning which makes it fun and doable. In this article I aim to assist you bloggers and future bloggers on keeping things going for your audience without having to make that horrible “sorry that I’ve been away so long” post. When you find yourself away from your blog after setting a routine of posting, you will have let your audience down as they have taken the time to bookmark your site and link your feed in anticipation of seeing what’s next. The other side of that is that people delete dead feeds after awhile, I myself use Google Reader daily and it informs you which posts are current and which ones are the duds… I myself delete duds after a month+ of inactivity.

Post Ahead – The Art of Looking Like a Machine

While there are many authors here on The Hall of The Black Dragon, I write 95% of the articles so if I falter the machine will buckle and crash. For this, I chose a a schedule that I knew could be maintained without my stressing. Since I write daily, I knew that 3 days a week would be too minimal and 7 days a bit too heavy. 5 days a week works out because it keeps me ahead at a month or 2 at a time and not 6 months+ if I were doing it Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For current events and timely articles I can either double up a day or bump something down a week in lieu of the new one. When I have a new article written and formatted, I post it at the end of the timeline and keep things moving.

Cross Posts – One Hand Washes The Other

The Hall gets strong viewership but little to no commentary – this is a fact that I am happy with due to the negativity that a grown community of 5+ commenters can bring when they either beat up on new commenters or derail conversation from the topic at hand. With the aspect of helping out new bloggers get eyes, I often invite other authors to cross post an article to my web space, especially if it’s an article that I found to be brilliant or extremely funny. Do not feel too shy or strange to ask another blog author to cross post their article on your site, the etiquette for doing so is to contact the author via email, ask them what if anything they would need for you to cross-post and then provide appropriate links back to them within the article. These help beef up your article count and allows for a break in writing style for your readers that have gotten accustomed to your voice.

Reply Through Blogging

When I visit other web magazines, blogs etc. I may leave comments here and there to argue a point but whenever it is something I feel strongly about, I take the opportunity to reply via my own post. The replies are never stated as such, they are just articles born from my thought after reading someone elses blog. As long as it is on topic for the site that I am writing for it serves as priceless information so I find myself reading as much as I write. Bloggers should be avid readers.

This is all I have for now my fellow writers. Remember, you do a service by lending your voice of reason to the internet and never let someone who isn’t doing the same tell you different. It is easy to critique but difficult to perform, keep a thick skin, never feed the trolls and blog frequently. Good luck to you.

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