Apr 22


Ever see a well-dressed old man? There is something almost regal about a cool, grey-haired player with what comes off as an immortal mojo to his style doesn’t it? Well if you aspire to have a style that goes beyond fads, your wife dressing you, or social conventions, then keep reading as we guide you on the path to cool.

When you decide that you want to be a gentleman there are a few events, situations, and random annoyances that will pop up to which you will need to be in attendance. It is for this that having the appropriate attire for said events should be purchased and kept in good shape so that when they occur you are not scrambling to purchase a tie, have the salesman tie it for you, and then run off with a crushed up shirt and belt that doesn’t match!

Men make the mistake of assuming that “men’s fashion” is a thing that only applies to hardcore metrosexuals who follow the fad of the day but every man should abide by the basics in order to look the part of a respectable gentleman. Let’s examine some of the must haves for men of a certain age shall we…

A List of Items That All Gentlemen Should Own

Low-top white/black sneakers – Make sure you purchase a good name-brand sneaker that has a bit of style to it but isn’t a fad of the day. For some this could be some Converses but I would go with a Nike, Adidas or New Balance pair.

Casual dress shoes – These come at a very cheap price at just about any shoe store but you want them to be durable since you will be using them all the time. Make sure the soles are strong, keep them nice and clean, and find a pair that’s good looking. Hell you may as well buy 2 – a brown and a black pair!

Navy Blue Blazer – I personally think any form of sports coat will work for this pre-requisite as long as you have something. With so many affordable options for preps these days, you should own a blazer to meet the needs of those dates, and semi-dressy appointments.

A Classy Watch – Often overlooked but a nice complement to your dress every time. A watch is not only there for keeping time (if that’s where your mind is going), a watch echoes “attention to detail” for anybody looking in. If you want to really step your game up, get a nice, neutral watch that goes with everything.

Khaki Pants – Uniform of the working crumb but great for working with just about any color. Make sure your khaki’s fit you and aren’t too tight or too baggy.

Blue Jeans – Keep it fairly generic with these but spend some money so that they last forever. Jeans are as American as Cowboys and 1st World Problems so you want to always have a pair for casual Fridays.

White, Blue, and Grey Button-ups – Many people will tell you all you need is white, but you want to dip your toe into the pond of style right? Many men aren’t comfortable breaking out of the neutral colors but you can step it up a little by mixing in a blue or grey shirt with the corporate uniform.

A Fitted Grey or Black Suit – Even if you are king of frumps and you never dress like this, the one suit you own should be a great suit. Pay the extra money to have it fit you properly and keep in dry-cleaned, free of lint and immaculate. Men need a powerful suit to show respect at funerals, see off friends to marriage, and to own a room whenever we walk in.

Credit for Photos | Images: Dreamstime.com
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