Aug 09


One thing that we men love to do with our sons is to deck them out in the coolest gear that is somewhat reflective of the values we aim to place on them later. You’ve all seen it before, the little gentleman in his hat and matching vest with baby oxfords on, or the baby in all matching gear holding on to dad for dear life. It’s absolutely cool to have a mini-me that can match or complement you when you’re out and about isn’t it?

I’ve always wondered at what age does  a father or mother start to influence the dress code on junior. From general observation it seems to be around the time he starts to walk. But what if the influence could start earlier – like from the time he is able to drool?

cool-baby-clothesWell Couture For Kids is a company that has the answer to you fashion-sensitive moms and dads out there who want to do right by your kids’ gear. They have little onesies with ties sewn unto them, suspenders, bow-ties and all sorts of other cool choices for a baby. Couture For Kids belongs to Anne, a dear friend of mine who puts more than pride into her work (so the quality is guarranteed). Anne has 3 little men of her own and knows what is needed to make them look sharp – just take a look at the designs for yourself!

Every outfit is done by hand, and made with love individually – the way all important articles of clothing should be. Hmmm, maybe we need some chibi luxury hangers to support Couture for Kids now… okay let’s not get carried away. If you want to check out these awesome onesies, shirts and more from Anne’s collection, they are available for purchase at her store: Couture For kids on Etsy.

Don’t just take my word for it though, check out these photos of the C4K gear!

Couture For Kids can be purchased at Anne’s online store, over at ETSY. Use the coupon code “black dragon 25” if you’re buying (mhmm go ahead and chuckle) It is good for 25% off the entire cart.

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