Apr 10

Frustrated woman

I have always held the opinion that if you had a choice in your employment ( as in anything above slavery) then you have no place to complain to people about it. To be honest about it, I think this of anything in life; if there is a choice to opt out, then stop whining and opt out! Let me explain further for people sitting in the nose-bleeds; if I work at a bank and hate my boss, during a time where many of the people I know are out of work and unable to get a job much less benefits… the moment I open my mouth to complain about how I hate my job and boss, then I am seen as a whiner.

There is a thin line between complaining and whining which is separated by the way it comes off to others. If you use the bathroom in my house and piss on the lid then when I bark at you – that is a complaint through strong language because I expect it to never happen again due to my angry response.

Editor’s Note: Seriously guys… don’t piss on my toilet seat.

If when you piss on the seat I instead choose to beat you over the head with it over and over in complaints, then my response has turned into a whine – because in your opinion I just want to complain without care of a solution being offered.

Whining – Is it America’s Favorite Pastime?

Many people like to whine, it is amusing to me because it seems to be a form of attention-seeking that people desperately seek without premeditation. Most whiners don’t realize that they whine; see a typical conversation with a whiner goes something like this:

Whiner: Man I hate my job, it sucks so much I just want to quit!

Friend: So why don’t you quit then?

Whiner: I should you know, I’m sure I can get paid double elsewhere, this place would die without me!

Friend: So get your resume and book together and job hunt on your off hours man. You can even take some vacation and handle that.

Whiner: No I’m just too tired you know, after work it’s just too much to do right now. Plus I hear no-one’s hiring in my field.

Friend (getting annoyed): What about weekends, I’m sure you can tighten up your resume by then? Plus you have an MBA; you can teach or look at other job positions.

Whiner: I have kids man, you know we do stuff on the weekend; I just don’t have the time.

Friend: Then what the hell man, suck it up and find a way to like your job then because apparently you aren’t doing jack to fix your situation!

Of course the last line is never said but if any of us were the friend we normally get to the point where we want to say it, right?

It’s about the issue, your intent in your complaint, and whether or not you have the capacity to fix the situation. A man locked away in a foreign prison for a crime he did not commit will gain a lot more sympathy than a man whose wife will not sign the divorce papers after he found her screwing the AC guy. So remember this the next time you find yourself rushing home to whine to your significant other about how much your job sucks.

We do not respect people who bitch about things that can be changed, but we do admire those who silently get out of their situation to find green pastures elsewhere. When you’re able to complain about how a job did you wrong but then you left them during the busy season and managed not to burn the bridge – you are seen as a champion. But when you whine about a job that you work at, while receiving the benefits, the paychecks and the flexibility of their employ, then you’re seen as just  a malcontent who people wish would do something or shut the hell up about it.

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