Dec 19


If you are a woman that has a guy in your “back pocket” due to any number of reasons, he may become a hindrance to your love life.

Many women have a guy that they want, but refuse to go their with him for one reason or another. This leads to the guy being placed in the friend-zone, or her back pocket (as we will call it here) and regulated to little more than buddy status.

When you look at this woman’s list–of course she has a list–it should not be a surprise that back pocket guy encompasses much of what is on there. For a man who isn’t looking to settle down, the back pocket is nice, warm and cozy, because it can easily translate to sex with no strings attached.  It is the perfect situation for a player, especially if there are several of these women in his life.

For the woman it is not so easy since she will not be able to move on from him. Having a person that meets all of your requirements, but you choose not to pursue is a bad idea to keep around.  You need to establish if they are a friend and if that is all they are ever going to be, you need to have “the conversation” and see where fate takes you.

If you have this person hanging around, it will hinder you ability to get to know other people.  Why?  Well every time you meet someone new, you will start to compare them to the “prototype” that sits inside your back pocket.

Rather than attempting to get to know a new person and learn about them, you will be picking them apart and critiquing everything they do or say.  These little critiques start to build up, and eventually you will write the person off not even an hour or so into a date.  Then you will probably go home and complain to your “back pocket” friend about how horrible the date was. But in reality you never gave the new person a chance because you were too busy comparing them to him.

Every single woman can make the mistake of falling into this situation, but it can be easily avoided if you keep your back pocket clear of lint and boy friends that you aren’t willing to commit with.

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